02 Jul, 2020

Bouygues Energies & Services Solutions UK, goes paperless with Kizeo Forms

Gianluca Di Fruscia

Continuous Improvement Manager
Bouygues Energies & Services Solutions



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Bouygues Energies & Services Solutions:

Bouygues Energies & Services Solutions are a client-focused facilities management and energy performance partner. We specialise in the diverse services and support needed to create and maintain efficient, comfortable and safe places to work or visit. Bouygues Energies & Services operates in over 25 countries worldwide and is part of the Bouygues Group – a global brand employing over 127,000 people in 100 countries within the construction, civil works, energy, services, telecommunications and media sectors.

Gianluca Di Fruscia: "My department mainly focuses on Transport and Local Government Street lighting projects. Our business traditionally has used enormous amount of paper to document work and showcase compliance ( timesheets, risk assessments, permits, electrical testing certificates and a suite of health and safety forms)."

Challenges with paper forms:

Gianluca Di Fruscia: "Before shifting to Kizeo Forms, we used far too much paper and this was getting lost, was not legible was filled in incorrectly and would take a long time to go to the people that needed to process that data. The main reasons for switching were to increase productivity and efficiency, increase the accuracy and speed of information being processed and reduce our environmental impact by using less paper."

Uses of Kizeo Forms:

Gianluca Di Fruscia: "We use Kizeo every day within the business. I am an advocate for Kizeo within the UK and I am championing its implementation within all areas of the business within the UK. At present, we have completed 6222 forms and there are 49 types of forms. The forms we use are timesheets, risk assessments, permits, electrical testing certificates and a suite of health and safety forms. I have created all the forms we currently use. All levels of the organisation use the forms  from operators on site to directors. The transition has been great and people are getting excited and realising the benefits."

The results:

Gianluca Di Fruscia: "Some of the benefits in terms of processing can be seen within the below picture. This process refers to electrical test certificates on street lighting assets and is based on a salary of £20,000 per annum and 261 workdays." testimonial buoygues energies and services UK "Our impact on the environment cannot be understated. In the space of a year, we have produced 4053 forms that would otherwise be filled out on paper. A single piece of A4 paper can be estimated to produce 27g of  CO2. Providing a conservative estimate that all paper forms would require a single A4 piece, we have prevented 110kg of CO2 emissions by shifting to Kizeo Forms." "With Kizeo Forms, we implemented a paperless system on our Oxfordshire contract."


Gianluca Di Fruscia: "At the moment we send forms to a Dropbox and then use MS flow to copy the form into our MS Teams Sharepoint."

Favorite feature:

Gianluca Di Fruscia: "My favorite feature is that Kizeo Forms provides variety and flexibity of creating different forms and tagging that data into a work or excel template."

Thank you very much Gianluca Di Fruscia for sharing your thoughts!

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