07 Sep, 2017

Brand New Look For KF Platform!

Kizeo Forms brand new look unveiled soon!

Our main goal is for our customers to be fully satisfied. That is why we always keep improving Kizeo Forms bearing in mind that your favorite working tool should remain easy for you to use.

Tuesday September 12th, get ready to discover the brand new look of KF Platform, more modern, intuitive and simple!

Don't worry, we got everything covered!

  • The URL remains the same. You will log in with the same username and password as usual! The only difference is that you will get to see an awesome photo background changing every day of the week!

  • When you first log in into the new platform, you will be offered to take a guided tour to show you the new changes!


What is New?

Don't worry, this won't affect in any way your daily use since we kept the exact same features. The change is only visual. Indeed, the platform is now matching with the App colors.

line-menu-3The Menu Tabs moved from the top of the screen to the left side, allowing you to visualize and access more easily each one.

menu-2From now on, you will get a notification whenever a new article is published on our blog. This way, you won't miss any important news or release.

Two useful tips

france-4Switch the language easily Now, it is very simple to change the language of your platform by clicking on the flag located at the top right of your screen.

Gravatar-iconYour Gravatar will be displayed automatically Gravatar  is a free service that allows you to link a profile picture or avatar to your e-mail address.

A brand new logo for Kizeo Forms!

Last but not least, we are proud to introduce KF brand new logo! We wanted it to be as modern and young as the new platform. To discover all these great new changes, you will have to wait until next Tuesday September 12th! :)

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