06 Feb, 2017

Customer Review - Guillaume BORDIER, VINCI Facilities

Vinci is a global company of French origin that hires more than 180 000 employees worldwide. The group is specialized in Construction, Infrastructure Management and Energy. Vinci Facilities, one of its branches, is dedicated to Facility Management.

« VINCI Facilities offers to their clients Facility Management solutions that fit their business needs: multi-technical maintenance, punctual operations or global service offer. Our activity naturally involves a lot of paperwork: intervention reports, assessments of technical sessions and quality control audits.

We found out about Kizeo Forms during the summer 2015. At that time, we had just signed a big contract that involved a huge volume of equipments. So, we needed a mobile solution able to easily list all the machines waiting for maintenance and providing an analysis that could be used under our Computer-aided Maintenance Management System software.

KIZEO FORMS completely fulfilled our expectations and the success of this contract was mainly due to the discovery of this new tool.

Since then, we decided to expand the internal use of the App to other areas. For instance, we now declare the standard CERFA forms* from the Kizeo Forms Application on our mobile device during a technical intervention. Some of our office suppliers even accepted to receive purchase order that we create just in front of them when they come to deliver their products at the front desk.

KIZEO FORMS represents for us an efficient solution in terms of mobility, flexibility and usefulness. We will continue to follow the development and updates of this App that brings us innovation and intelligence.

Thank you and congratulations to the team that is behind this technical gem! »

* The   CERFA forms are standardized documents used by French Administrations and companies.
Guillaume BORDIER Method Manager VINCI Facilities

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