25 Sep, 2023

Electronic signatures on the Kizeo Forms application

The utilisation of electronic signatures on mobile apps is experiencing a growing surge in popularity for immediate digital document signing via smartphones. This trend provides remarkable flexibility and accessibility, particularly for those who require the convenience of signing contracts or critical documents while on the move. The adoption of electronic signature software has brought about a transformative shift in the daily operations of professionals across diverse fields and industries. It not only economises time and resources but also amplifies business efficiency, streamlines collaboration among team members, and enhances the overall customer experience with its intuitive and user-friendly approach.

What is the significance of an electronic signature? It serves as a method for validating a document or an online transaction using electronic techniques rather than handwritten signatures. Electronic signatures find applications in a wide range of document types.

They provide assurance that no modifications can occur after the digital signature is applied, thus ensuring the document's or transaction's integrity. Furthermore, they establish the identity of the signer, mitigating any potential risks associated with identity theft.

Summary :

  1. Utilising DocuSign Electronic Signature within the Kizeo Forms Mobile App
  2. Exploring the Legal Aspects of Electronic Signatures on the Mobile App
  3. Distinguishing Kizeo Forms Signature from DocuSign Signature
  4. Enjoying the User-Friendly Electronic Signature Experience on the Mobile App
  5. Extensive Coverage of Forms in Kizeo Forms

Utilising DocuSign Electronic Signature within the Kizeo Forms Mobile App

The Kizeo Forms app has seamlessly incorporated an electronic signature solution. With DocuSign integration, signature collection via your Kizeo Forms forms is now both simplified and fortified. This feature streamlines the process of obtaining qualified and certified electronic signatures for a wide range of documents, including employment contracts, purchase orders, invoices, estimates, accounting records, and more.

To begin, you can create a DocuSign account to confidently sign Kizeo Forms documents. Rest assured that the DocuSign platform upholds the legal validity of electronic signatures, adhering to European eIDAS standards and ensuring global recognition, while maintaining security and compliance.

electronic signature Electronic signature


Exploring the Legal Aspects of Electronic Signatures on the Mobile App

DocuSign integration within the Kizeo Forms application meets current legal requirements and ensures the legal validity of electronic signatures, notably through compliance with eIDAS (Electronic Identification and Trust Services) regulatory standards. The DocuSign solution upholds standards of legality, compliance, and security for electronic signatures within your Kizeo Forms documents.

With DocuSign, it's straightforward to determine which individual has signed a specific type of document, where, and at what time. The tool incorporates advanced authentication methods. Its digitally signed electronic certificate holds up in a court of law and prevents forgery thanks to a robust digital traceability system.

Distinguishing Kizeo Forms Signature from DocuSign Signature

In Kizeo Forms, the electronic signature feature allows for the addition of a "handwritten signature" in the form of a drawing or image on a digital form. However, it's important to note that while this signature option is simple and convenient, it does not possess the same legal validity as an advanced electronic signature. It is suitable for quick and informal signatures without legal implications.

In contrast, DocuSign electronic signatures are specifically designed to be secure, traceable, and compliant with the eIDAS regulation in Europe. These signatures hold genuine legal significance for financial transactions and legal documents. With a signature certificate and comprehensive digital tracking, they provide legally sound evidence in a court of law

Enjoying the User-Friendly Electronic Signature Experience on the Mobile App

To access the electronic signature feature, you should first connect your DocuSign account within the "Integrations" section of your Kizeo Forms Administration Interface.

Afterward, proceed to set up the automation through the form options. For detailed guidance, a tutorial is available to walk you through the process.

Through this integration, your users can easily send documents for signatures directly from Kizeo Forms. This streamlines the signature process and allows stakeholders to consolidate their entire workflow. From the initial data collection using Kizeo Forms forms to the final signatures with DocuSign, everything is seamlessly managed within a unified environment. Importantly, signatories of documents via Kizeo Forms do not require a DocuSign account.

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Electronic signature of a document

Extensive Coverage of Forms in Kizeo Forms

The integration of DocuSign with Kizeo Forms unlocks the potential for collecting electronic signatures across a wide array of forms and documents, spanning various industries and offering endless possibilities. Here are a few examples of documents that can benefit from official electronic signatures (not an exhaustive list):

  1. Commerce: Electronic signatures can be applied to contracts for sales, purchases, leases, service agreements, and other types of business deals. This speeds up negotiations and enables remote collaboration.

  2. Legal Documents: Legal documents such as powers of attorney, non-disclosure agreements, partnership contracts, and employment agreements can all benefit from electronic signatures. The integration provides legal proof of agreement between parties.

  3. Real Estate Agreements: Electronic signatures are invaluable for contracts related to real estate transactions, including sales, leases, and other property-related documents. It simplifies the complexities of property buying, selling, and renting.

  4. Human Resources: Any documents related to human resources, such as employment contracts, employee non-disclosure agreements, and benefit forms, can be streamlined with electronic signatures, making personnel management more straightforward.

  5. Administrative Forms: Tax forms, license applications, consent declarations, and other administrative forms can all benefit from electronic signatures, reducing the time and effort required for data collection and approvals.

  6. Insurance Documents: Insurance policies, reimbursement claims, and indemnification agreements can also leverage electronic signatures, simplifying interactions between clients and insurance companies and enhancing efficiency in the insurance sector.

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