03 Jul, 2017

How IPFLEX Switched From Paper To Digital Forms

Line of business: Hydraulic pipes maintenance  18359311_1968300170050059_7163103530533560491_o-e1496070035244-300x120

Location: France (4 different agencies)

Challenge: Getting rid of paper forms

Solution:  Samsung 7’’ Tablet + Kizeo Forms (5 digital forms)

1- Company

IPFLEX is a network of agencies specialized in repairing hydraulic pipes. 10 technicians are ready to take action 24 hours to fix a problem or to give a technical diagnostic.

The company is growing very fast. Therefore, the managers are always looking for new tools to improve productivity and reactiveness and thus to provide better services to their customers.


2- Challenge

Before, the work orders written in paper used to be very hard to read and most of the time were missing information. Furthermore, after writing them down, you would always have to type them again into the internal software to be able to generate the invoice. This was taking us way too much time.

Additionally, our activity require that we take pictures before and after the intervention as proof of the service delivered. Before, it wasn't easy to add those pictures to the reports sent to the clients.

The company ProdWest helped us to carry out this project and implement the Kizeo Forms solution within our company. Now, all our workers have tablets to fill out the digital forms. We successfully switch from paper to digital forms, which made our work way easier.

3- Solution

All the technicians have a Galaxy 7" tablet with several digital forms on it. They were created through the Kizeo Forms platform and fit perfectly our activity. Every day, they use those forms instead of their old notebooks. IPFLEX now has an extensive and yet simple digital form that generates intervention reports. Smart features are used such as the voice recorder to fill out the description of the services, the geolocation, the time spent on the site, pictures and client signature.

The reports are automatically sent by e-mail. The digital data collected is stored on Kizeo Forms data base.

We have different types of forms. One form is used to save the information regarding our leads during sales visits. Another form to transfer material from one site to another. We even have a form to declare expenses, they are forwarded automatically to our accounting departement!

4- Results

The technicians all enjoy working on their tablet. The forms are easy and pleasant to work with. The reports generated are filled completely which the clients do appreciate. Additionally, thanks to the picture option, we have less claims than before.

We improved our internal information flow and we handle less paper of course.

The next step is to integrate Kizeo Forms with our internal system, which will save us even more time!


IPFLEX worked with the company ProdWest to implement Kizeo Forms.


 Consulting company specialized in mobility solutions. ProdWest is a third party selling Kizeo Forms to French companies all over the country and guiding them in their mobility project.


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