17 Oct, 2017

How To Automatically Generate a Voucher During a Delivery With Kizeo Forms

With the new form template available on our library, delivery companies will now be able to generate and send automatically a voucher to their clients in this exact moment when the driver will finish filling out the digital form.

Avoid claims and legal disputesdelivery_voucher_form_on_smartphone-e1507717763659

The digital form has a mandatory photo field, which means that the driver doing the delivery must take a photo of the package just before handing it over. Your company can use it as a legal proof to avoid claims from the client. Both company and client will instantly receive this photo by e-mail. Moreover, the person receiving the package will have to sign, officially confirming that the item didn't present any sign of damage when delivered.

Implement standard quality procedures

When receiving the item, the client can notify a damage by checking the corresponding box in the digital form. Thanks to the filter settings, you can trigger e-mail(s) if certain conditions are met. For instance, only if a damage is declared by the client, an e-mail will be sent automatically to your Customer Service. Having an instant notification will allow your team to react quickly and solve the problem immediately.

An option in the digital form also allows the client to rate the quality of the service. In case the rating is inferior to a certain value, let's say 6/20, an e-mail will be sent to the Customer Service. This way, their can quickly figured out why the client wasn't satisfy and solve the issue or take corrective actions for future deliveries.

How does it work?

Download the template from the platform by clicking the library button  Library_button 

then select the English language, select the form called Delivery voucher and click this button:add_template_library_form-e1507716903521

Remember that this from is a template that you can fully customize to suit your activity. It will give you a glimpse of the possibilities offered by Kizeo Forms. Of course you can also create your form from scratch!

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