27 Sep, 2018

Interview - Florent Schmitt - TBS Services

🏢 Company: TBS

⭐️ Testimonial by: Florent Schmitt

🤵 Position: Technical director

Can you tell us about your company?

Founded in 2014, TBS Services is a company that specializes in the installation of computer and telematic systems embedded in all types of vehicles. Our team is today composed of nearly 50 employees spread over the French and Spanish territory.

Why did you shift to Kizeo Forms?

We had a real need to free ourselves from paper. Before Kizeo Forms, we used paper intervention forms that our technicians had to send out each week by mail. Our data was not secure at all, and all the input was done manually.

How do you use Kizeo Forms in your business?

We recently integrated Kizeo Forms into our CRM (Salesforce), intervention reports are sent directly from our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to our field technicians who fill out the form on their smartphone. The data then automatically goes back to our CRM. The PDF intervention forms are also sent to the client at the same time.

What are your thoughts on Kizeo Forms?

  • The implementation of Kizeo Forms: The implementation was immediate, our licenses were activated immediately and after some tests it was deployed.

  • The handling of Kizeo Forms on the platform (creation, configuration, etc.) and on the mobile: It was very simple and fast to understand.

  • The creation of forms: The form construction mechanism is really intuitive and does not require a great knowledge of computer science. The first forms were relatively simple to create and evolved into the creation of forms using more complex settings.

  • Data entry: Our field team is very pleased to be able to fill out forms independently. The reports are transmitted instantly and the customer is delighted with this responsiveness. The display on the mobile is clear and readable, the drafting function is very convenient.

  • Data recovery: The data is sent via a "pushmail" from our CRM, then the field agents recover each intervention sheet in the reception folder.

  • Data centralization: Data is retrieved via an API request, but we frequently extract data to create reports for our customers.

  • The organization of work (is it different?): We organized some of our work around this new tool. The interaction with our CRM, and the capture via a smartphone facilitated our exchange of information and allowed us to be more productive.

Florent Schmitt "Thanks to Kizeo Forms, our  field team is very pleased to be able to fill out the forms independently. It improved the exchange of information in our organization and allowed us to be more productive"

Florent SchmittTechnical director - TBS


What do you like about Kizeo Forms?

Mobility and speed of data entry and transmission. The search tab via the history menu, allows us to easily find previous interventions.

Do you have any other comment(s)?

We use the table element a lot in our forms and we would like to be able to put the "table" in draft without necessarily completing all the required fields. Being able to manage the conditional form filling would be a big plus, indeed we work with many contractors who most often have different needs. Some common fields may be mandatory for one and optional (but present) for the other.

-Florent Schmitt

Thank you very much Florent Schmitt for sharing your thoughts!

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