27 Dec, 2018

Interview - Guillaume Jouault, Manager at Flunity Services

👤Testimonial by: Guillaume JouaultFlunity Services 🍍Company: Flunity Services 🇫🇷Location: Doullens, France

The company Flunity Services

Flunity Services is a company specializing in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and more specifically in HVAC services. We assist our customers in starting, balancing and operating their C.V.C.

From Paper to Digital Forms

I discovered the Kizeo Forms product by searching for a digital solution on the internet. The objective was to find a device allowing my technicians to limit their working time in front of the PC. I wanted them to have maximum time to devote to their core business and to be able to capture information directly from the field. I had to find a modern tool that can adapt to the specificities of our profession. Our technicians first used Kizeo Forms to try and increase working efficiency. Indeed one of the peculiarities of our way of working with our customers is to bill them only the “hours of work” performed on their facilities. Our employees must therefore accurately pinpoint their hours.

To meet this requirement I first made Excel spreadsheets accessible from their smartphones. However, this solution was time-consuming, complicated and not adapted for field work. It was necessary that they could enter in three clicks all the requested information. When the amount of information to be processed is important, the simplicity of entry necessarily reduces the risk of error.

Wide range of devices

We mainly use Kizeo Forms from smartphones but for some time now we have also installed it on a “Tablet”. I must say that I find this new configuration more convenient.

Quick and easy to learn

Although I could not spend a lot of time to document the operation of the application, the grip was fast. I later, very quickly managed to create more complex forms. The design is simple: just drag blocks into a creative space.

I did not need to call Kizeo Forms support often. I must say that I am rather a self-taught person. So I naturally focused my attention on the tutorials. They are practical and clear. I find that they give specific ideas about what we can achieve with the application. Moreover, since our back office we have access to a library of standard forms. These forms can be retrieved and completely modified. Nevertheless, to succeed in mastering 100% of the possibilities of Kizeo Forms, you must practice, there is no quick fix.

Wide range of applications

Yesterday, I mainly used Kizeo Forms for entering hours but today I adapt it to many other needs. Since I have a task that is repetitive and requires the intervention of a notebook, a draft and tables, I use Kizeo Forms to perform all these operations. Today I am able to perform the right interventions and several other operations.

Simple Deployment

To my astonishment, the implementation of the application was quite simple. My colleagues were particularly seduced by the pre-filled intervention vouchers. My team quickly saw what Kizeo Forms could bring them: a considerable amount of time saved. Today, in my opinion, the management of tables could be simplified. Other than that, I have no other suggestion to make.

Several hours saved

I use a lot of forms so it’s quite difficult to quantify. However, I estimate our time saved to be within a range of one hour to two hours a week.

-Guillaume Jouault

Thank you very much Guillaume Jouault for sharing your thoughts!

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