28 Apr, 2017

Interview With Catherine PETERMANN From The Jules Verne Clinic

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Can you tell us more about your job?

I work as a nurse at the Jules Vernes Clinic, in Nantes, France. This medical facility, specialized in OB/GYN, can receive up to 400 patients and gathers about 30 specialties in surgery and maternity. The clinic currently hires 810 professionals, among them 132 doctors. 155 surgeries are taking place every day. Since 2012, I am in charge of organizing and following up on the HYPNOSE project (hypnosedation and therapeutic communication). This project involves a lot of departments in our clinic; management, a steering committee, working groups and project groups.

Today, some patients are offered to have their surgeries under hypnosedation, conducted by trained professionals and only for certain procedures. It is a medical technique that, along with a sedation (pharmaceutical products that bring tranquility, analgesia and sleepiness) allows to significantly reduce the quantity of drugs used, in some cases not using them at all. This way, we avoid the side effects that sometimes are a consequence of the anaesthetics.

Why did you start looking for a solution like Kizeo Forms ?

In order to lead this HYPNOSE project in the long run and to ensure dialogue with the patients, it was necessary for us to track each hypnosedation, to analyze the statistics on a quantitative and qualitative point of view.

First, we used to write down this tracking on a notebook, then on an Excel spreadsheet available from the OR's computer.

We decided to start with Kizeo Forms because accessing the file from the OR's computer was not convenient. Indeed, only the anesthesiologists had access to it and a lot of doctors didn't spent that much time filling it. Plus, we couldn't get a Word or PDF file and it really took too much time.

In your company, what is the main use of Kizeo Forms?

Today, after the procedure is done, we fill a digital form for each hypnosedation from a smartphone or tablet. We previously build the form on the Kizeo Forms platform on a computer importing an Excel spreadsheet containing about 40 cells.

Can you give us your feedback on:

  • The first steps with Kizeo Forms

Creating a form via Kizeo Forms was very quick for me and didn't require any particular knowledge in computer science. The team is giving quick answers on the phone and also by email. But to be honest, all the information we need is already in the online tutorials. Once the forms have been created and tested, it goes very fast.

  • Collecting data

I don't see any difficulties. Entering data is easy and doesn't require any specific training. The possibility to mark some elements as mandatory avoids empty fields in your form. The user is reminded that he forgot to fill out something.

  • Sharing data 

The results of the forms registered (thanks to the tags) are  forwarded to the Committee under three different formats: custom-made PDF, custom-made Excel spreadsheet (similar to the one we used to fill before) and which can be analyzed by our biostatisticians.

How does Kizeo Forms make your job easier?

We have been using Kizeo Forms for more that two years now. It allows us to:

  • Guarantee a safe method of tracking (no information to identify the patient and files stored on a secured Kizeo server)

  • To get PDF files as legal evidences.

  • To have Excel files up to date and available at any time for the doctors to see.

  • To facilitate the data analysis on the short, medium and long term thanks to the Excel files.

What do you prefer about Kizeo Forms ?

  • How easy it is for an administrator to use it.

  • How simple it is for the users to fill it.

  • The fact that we are able to retrieve the data and choose which type of file we want to export.

  • The features we can use in the forms: it is possible to use a great variety of options.

Do you have any comment or suggestion to add?

In my opinion, today I may still not make the best out of Kizeo Forms. I hope that I can soon dedicate more time to learn and use it at a more advanced level.

This application fully met our needs and helped us reach our goals in a safe and intuitive way.


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