06 Mar, 2017

Interview with Kamel ABERKANE from VINCI Facilities

logo-vinci-facilitiesKamel ABERKANE

Centre of expertise
VINCI Facilities, France

Tell us more about your position?

I am currently assuming several positions. The first one is Operational Support Technician and the second one is IT Manager. I do travel a lot within the southeastern region of France.

Why did you start looking for a solution like Kizeo Forms?

We were looking for a solution to solve the issues of paper documents. For instance, our technicians often ended up using several different notebooks, one for each type of form. Sometimes those documents were related to our daily operations and sometimes related to security processes (near miss report, etc.).

What we wanted was also something very simple that did not require any particular advanced skills.

In your company, what is the main use of Kizeo Forms?

We started using Kizeo Forms to follow up on the prevention and safety measures implemented within our company. We have multiple rules regarding security that we need to follow.

Kizeo Forms was very useful to manage paperwork since we did not have to carry around a stack of paper with us every time. It is not only an intuitive solution, it also allows us to access all security forms that we have to follow up on. We export this data once every week and, thanks to this information, we can quickly check if our objectives were met.

Today, we also use it to carry out technical interventions. Our clients really appreciate it since they can receive customized documents according to their needs. They can know on the spot what happened and if everything is ok.

What do you like the most about Kizeo Forms?

Kizeo Forms is very intuitive. It is an easy solution to implement and works just fine on smartphones and tablets. It has a lot of options such as taking pictures, adding signatures, sending email, etc. I do appreciate how reactive the customer service is and also that the App is constantly evolving, which is a real plus.

Our employees totally loved the whole concept of it. We can now easily find a document when we need it.

Do you have any comment or suggestion?

I truly recommend this App! It is a perfect fit to our needs and it could also be used to do fill out other kinds of documents like time sheets.

With Kizeo Forms, we save a great amount of time during our operations. Our clients are also very happy about the work we are able to deliver thanks to Kizeo Forms.


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