16 Apr, 2019

The Kizeo Forms automation software wins the Rising Star and Premium Usability awards from popular directory for business software

Award Details

Notching yet another piece of recognition, the Kizeo Forms application has won the 2019 Rising Star award and 2019 Premium usability award from FinancesOnline, one of the fastest growing and popular B2B apps review platform. The Kizeo forms application also ranked on their 12 best automation software for small business and was given a 100% user satisfaction score based on customer reviews.

Badge Rising Star 2019 Award Kizeo Forms Badge Premium Usability 2019 Award Kizeo Forms

The Kizeo Forms application received the Rising Star award and the Premium Usability award based on the following criteria:

  • The app is getting increasingly popular in the market

  • We are currently getting good traction with our customers

  • Our solution is very efficient in solving current user problems

  • Our solution delivers unparalleled user experience

  • We aim to Provide the best value to businesses all over the world

User Satisfaction is our topmost priority!

At Kizeo, we value our customers and continuously take into consideration their opinions to deliver the best user experience! Based on the behavior-based customer satisfaction algorithm by FinancesOnline, the Kizeo Forms application received a 100% User satisfaction score!

Kizeo Forms was also ranked as one of the 50 top forms automation software products. We are incredibly delighted to start our year by receiving these awards and aim to continue to serve the best to our customers at a simple Kizeo forms pricing option that everyone can easily afford! Collect and send data from any location even without an internet connection! Streamline and automate your data collection processes, centralize your data and benefit from various premium features!

Don’t have a Kizeo Forms account? Sign up today and try the application for free for a period of 15 days! Start creating your customized forms and reports today! Please visit FinancesOnline.com to read the written-review and share your experience with the Kizeo Forms app! You can also check their detailed comparisons and insightful articles to get a clear understanding on what is forms automation and how it can benefit your business. Thank you FinancesOnline for recognizing and honoring our achievements.

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