06 Dec, 2016

Kizeo Forms new features: Multi-Export and customize library!

At this year's end, we enhance Kizeo Forms! The multi-export appears and now, you have the possibility to build your own Library.

Multi-Export: A new way to manage your exports.

You can build several custom-made Word and/or Excel for every forms. For example, you are a salesman and you want to create a purchase order and an estimate with the same forms? It is now possible! You only have to configure your custom-made documents: one, for the estimate and the other for the purchase order. Then, go to the History to export your document(s)! Capture-d’écran-2016-11-30-à-14.52.53 For more information, you may consult our tutorial on the multi-export.

A new Library.

Adding to the reorgaization of the Library, you have now the possibility to build your own customise Library. Share your forms with users of your account or use their forms to save time! Capture-d’écran-2016-11-30-à-14.57.37

For more information, you may consult our tutorial on the Library.

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