24 Feb, 2022

3 Ways in Which You Can Minimise Mistakes With Kizeo Forms

Precision is key to an organisation’s success. Consequently, every team member strives to keep their number of mistakes to a minimum. However, in a world in which we spend hours in front of screens while multitasking, errors can happen even when we try to avoid them.

Fortunately for us, several tools can help us prevent them from occurring. One of these is Kizeo Forms.

In this post, we’d like to share with you 3 ways in which this mobile forms app can contribute to reducing mistakes in your organization. Read on to find out!

1. Avoid data re-entries

Re-transcribing information can easily lead to errors. A wrong digit or the wrong word might have dramatic consequences.

To prevent this from happening, Kizeo Forms allows you to collect data digitally at any time and place. All of the information gathered is safely stored in the Cloud. This prevents employees from having to re-enter it later on.

Female engineer collecting data on-site through Kizeo Forms

Also, if you are collecting data outside of the office, Kizeo Forms ensures data is directly transferred from the field upon form completion. By taking advantage of this, you will be reducing the possibility of errors occurring. Also, by transferring the collected information on the spot, you will enable faster data analysis, as well as better teamwork.

In addition, and picking up our recent “out of the office example”, if the place you are at has no internet connection, this is not a problem for Kizeo! By switching on the “offline mode”, you can continue collecting data. Information gathered while using this mode will be synced into the Cloud as soon as you regain connectivity.

Construction supervisor filling out a Kizeo Forms template

2. Collect data precisely

Counting on precise and detailed information is essential to organisations. However, this cannot occur if data is filled with errors or if it is misunderstood. When working with paper forms, misunderstandings are something that might easily occur. If the person who fills out the form has sloppy handwriting, then whoever must-read that form will make a wrong interpretation.

Fortunately, form creator apps prevent this from happening and guarantee precise data. Kizeo Forms allows you to collect accurate information through its special features. Mandatory fields, checkboxes, and dropdown selection are some of them that will guarantee you get exactly the information you need by including them in your form template. The best part is that you can add or remove any of these features (or fields), anytime you want. Kizeo offers a simple “drag and drop” form building system that will make this process a piece of cake.

By making the most out of Kizeo Forms’ features, fewer mistakes will be made, as the available answers will be limited. Also, you will avoid receiving irrelevant responses.

Construction worker taking advantage of Kizeo Forms offline mode

3. Prevent data loss

To make informed and wise decisions, you need to count on accurate information. This is very hard to achieve when data gets lost, something very common when working with paper forms. Think about all of the times you’ve spent hours trying to find a precise document and finally found out it got lost. Frustrating, right?

Luckily, Kizeo Forms has come to help us on this matter too! As we lightly mentioned earlier, all of the data collected through this forms app is saved through cloud storage. This means that you no longer have to worry about losing information or not being able to find that necessary document. Information will be available to you and your colleagues any time you need it.

In addition, given the security measures implemented by Kizeo Forms, you won’t have to worry about phishing or data stealing. Data loss prevention is guaranteed with this forms app. Kizeo uses encrypted forms, performs frequent audits, and complies with GDPR. Consequently, you can focus on making your organization grow, without worrying about anything else.

Female inspector collecting data on the Cloud with Kizeo Forms

Whether you work in the construction industry, at a hospital, or if you own a restaurant, mistakes can be significantly minimised by using a mobile forms app such as Kizeo Forms. Counting on correct information is the key, and this form builder will help you accomplish your goal.

If you’d like to learn more about how Kizeo Forms can help your organization, don’t forget to visit our website! We are ready to take your business to the next level.

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