04 Aug, 2022

Mobile form for electrical safety with Kizeo Forms

Electrical safety is a team approach to prevent the detrimental and dangerous effects of electricity on employees. A safety inspection will help avoid accidents, manage risk and put in place actions to ensure the safety of your workforce.

According to a study by Fluke, 95.9% of respondents say that a strong safety culture in the workplace is important to guarantee the safety of workers. 61.8% believe that most companies do not have a strong safety culture.

Many companies use paper forms to perform regular safety audits. This could be a time-consuming process and could also lead to data loss or misinterpretation of information.

A mobile electrical inspection checklist can overcome these issues and add value to your inspections.

Benefits of a mobile safety checklist

A solution like Kizeo Forms can help you perform any type of safety inspection. You can create custom safety forms through a simple drag and drop method and add smart fields. You can easily collect information via the mobile app from the remotest areas.

Furthermore, you can send the right person to the right place at the right time to resolve any issues. The data collected can also be used to avoid electrical hazards through preventative maintenance.

Below are some ways our customers use Kizeo Forms for electrical safety.

electrical safety with kizeo forms-01-1Ensure compliance:

You can create mobile versions of ATEX checks, IECEx etc and collect information to ensure that you respect these regulations that are put in place to assure a level of electrical safety.

Check for damaged equipment and power tools:

Using damaged electrical tools and equipment is extremely dangerous. Create a checklist to perform regular inspections of tools. If something is damaged, it can immediately be reported and repaired by a qualified person. This ensures that all these pieces of equipment are regularly checked and maintained/replaced to avoid accidents.

Safety measures near overhead powerlines:

The extremely high voltage of overhead power lines can inflict severe burns and electrocution. With Kizeo Forms you can ensure that there is a minimum distance of 3 metres maintained between the lines and nearby equipment. You can also check if there is no equipment or material under these lines to avoid electrical accidents.

Regular PPE checks:

Ensure your workforce has all the necessary equipment to work in a safe environment. You can create an inventory of PPE as well as create PPE check forms to ensure all employees are protected.

5S audits:

Ensure the 5S organisation is carried out to improve efficiency, put in place sustainable safety measures and eliminate waste.

Checks for improper or overloaded sockets:

Most enterprises have a limited number of sockets and employees tend to overcrowd these sockets. An inspection form can assure that you have the necessary sockets installed and avoid overloading. This can prevent dangerous hazards and eliminate risks.

"At this moment we use Kizeo Forms for inspections concerning the ATEX legislation, different types of test sheets, engineering, etc. For all these activities we use ruggedized (Ex-) tablets. New forms will be filled in for the work or partial forms will be prepared using the push function. This can yield up to 1000 pre-filled forms at a time, which is a great deal of time gain during the inspections. "

-Huug van Vossen, Reliability Engineer at Actemium

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