02 Feb, 2017

New: Discover the improvement of the graph function and recover your deleted forms

At the beginning of the year, your Kizeo Forms application is improving! Your graphs have a new filter and an option to recover your deleted forms appears.

The improvement of the Graphs function!

As a reminder, Graphs allow you to exploit and analyse your data entered with different types: pie chart, bar chart, line and curved line chart.

  • Add a graph to your custom-made Word with its tag.

  • Use the new custom filter to adapt your graph to the current data or to the default value. Only certain data, depending on your configuration, will be taken into account for the creation of your graph. This filter may be useful if you want to add a chart to your custom report where only the data entered by the user would be used for example.

  • When you log in to your back office, one of your graph can now be added to your homepage. Useful to follow the evolution of your sales!

Want to start using Kizeo Forms charts? Do not hesitate to consult our tutorial!

Recover your deleted forms!

Accidentally deleted one of your forms? This is no longer a problem! Go to the Configuration -> Application -> Tools tab to see all of your deleted forms and recover the one you want!

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