12 Apr, 2018

Newsletter We Keep You InFORMed – What happened this quarter?

Find out what happened last quarter!

Let's talk about the new releases and news from Kizeo Forms that you may have missed this quarter!


Place a phone call directly from your list

Phone call from external listThe external list has the ability to detect phone numbers. It is now possible to make a call directly from your list.

The purpose of this new option is to help you make field calls faster and with more ease.


New QR code reader available!

QR Code Reader A new and more efficient QR code reader is now available on the application! The feature enables you to switch from the old barcode reader to the new one and make a  quick scan on the go!



Simplify your search

Search Bar For List

Scroll no more! It is now possible to search  for your form on the application. The intention of this new option is to help you look up your form  quickly .  


New customer testimonials!

Since last week, we have reached more than  31,000 users! Discover how our customers benefit from using Kizeo Forms! Share your experience too! Tell us what you think about Kizeo Forms through the experience page


    Read testimonial                                              Read testimonial                                        Read testimonial 

New tips and tricks!

Discover the latest tips and tricks that can help you master the application!

Did you know that ?!

ideaYou can define different statuses to manage your Kizeo Forms account There are three different statuses: the administrator, the group leader and the user. This helps you organize and manage your account


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