10 Jan, 2017

Thanks to the Push with table, prepare your intervention with Kizeo Forms!

We upgrade the Push!

To remember, Push allows you to send pre-filled forms from the office, to the mobile or tab of your field workers. Until now you could only push in the main form (fields outside a table). Today, it is possible! The push with table is an advanced level of the push. We strongly recommend starting with the tutorial explaining how to configure the push, and then, moving to the advanced push level. This new feature could be useful to do, for example, some inventories, stock management or purchase order.

Example: Intervention in the industrial sector or maintenance.

You are manager in the industrial sector and it is usual to plan the interventions of the technical expert. Field workers, enter the intervention report, the audit and the general equipment inspection with the Kizeo Forms application. Take the example of the general equipment inspection. As your intervention is planned, you already know some information like the place, the date of the intervention, managers, etc. Thanks to the push, you can send this information to your field workers to save time and gain in efficiency. Thanks to the improvement, you can prepare your table of equipment to avoid omissions and mistakes! Fill all the rows of the table in advance with its equipment, code, location, technical information, etc. Once on site, technicians will only have to recover the intervention prepared in advance on his mobile or tab. His table will be full of all known equipment. He will only have to check line by line that the information is correct. Otherwise, this information should simply be corrected or added.

Feel free to share your experience with the Kizeo Forms community, ideas or comments! And check out our Push with Tables Tutorial!

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