28 Nov, 2018

Sébastien and Samuel from Atrimmo share their digitization experiences with us

The video interview of Atrimmo:


The company Atrimmo was developed in 2013 by Sébastien Broustet. Being an entrepreneur, he developed a new method to repair aluminium joints. This amazing technique has helped the enterprise receive the "Innovative Company" award in the "New Process" field. Regarding the method of repair, a patent was filed with the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) in 2015. The history of Atrimmo continues even today and the company is developing at the national level under the model of a franchise. Samuel Attias, seduced by the company and its creator joined the adventure as president of Atrimmo Bouches-du-Rhône. In search of innovative tools, giving the possibility to constantly improve the working methods of Atrimmo, Sébastien decided to try the "Kizeo Forms" solution in 2017.

On August 2, Sébastien and Samuel visited our premises to share, through a video interview, their experience on Kizeo Forms:

  • "The tool allows me to respond in a personalized way to the specific needs of my company. Kizeo Forms being very flexible, I am delighted with the various possibilities."

  • "Kizeo Forms is the application that allowed us to digitize our business. The application helps us perform interventions at the customer sites every day. Kizeo is our partner, and is the perfect solution for artisans"

  • "With Kizeo Forms, I was able to automate everything with a tablet. This allows us to gain a phenomenal amount of time"

  • "Thanks to Kizeo Forms, my technicians follow a defined format. This helps us follow the respective measures and helps us to avoid forgetting important measures and having to intervene again at the customer's place"

  • "In addition to the time saved by using Kizeo Forms, I also gain storage space as all our documents are digitized. We are using a digital solution, like the post office or other important companies when we are only craftsmen. This highlights a very positive image for our enterprise"

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Thank you very much Sébastien and Samuel for sharing your thoughts!

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