14 Jun, 2018

Interview with Huug van Vossen - Reliability Engineer at Actemium

🏢 Company: Actemium ⭐️ Testimonial by: Huug van Vossen 🤵 Position: Reliability Engineer

Actemium is part of Vinci Energies. Our business unit in Goes, the Netherlands focuses primarily on long term maintenance contracts on various types of industrial items in the field of electrical, instrumentation, automation and analyzers. In my function as Reliability Engineer, I am involved in the development and implementation of maintenance related solutions such as the use of Kizeo Forms in the different Business Units in the Netherlands.

Why did you choose to switch to digital forms?

In addition to the maintenance contracts, a small group of employees focus on carrying out inspections in the field of ATEX. The inspectors made their report with Excel by taking the written data from their notebook. At the end they add the corresponding photos from the camera to the report. No need to mention that this was a time-consuming job. It was time to look for a software solution in combination with a tablet. We understood that our French colleagues had a nice tool in use.

Testimonial Actemium"Every form we use in our daily business can be digitized in a simple and easy way by using Kizeo Forms. Kizeo Forms can yield up to 1000 pre-filled forms at a time, which helps us save time during the inspections."

How do you use Kizeo Forms in your company/organization?

At this moment we use Kizeo Forms for inspections concerning the ATEX legislation, different types of test sheets, engineering, etc. For all these activities we use ruggedized (Ex-) tablets. New forms will be filled in for the work or partial forms will be prepared using the push function. This can yield up to 1000 pre-filled forms at a time, which is a great deal of time gain during the inspections.

How does Kizeo Forms make your job easier?

Instead of making the forms in the office afterwards by the inspectors, they are immediately ready and available to the customer. This does not only save Actemium time, but also our customer knows directly where there are points of interest in the installations. So immediate actions can be made.

Give us your opinion on the following:

➾ Learning how to use Kizeo Forms

Learning how to use Kizeo Forms was simple. Once in a while I used the help information which was useful.

➾ The general use of the platform (settings and options)

The mobile software and the online platform are easy to use. For this moment there are enough features offered in the tool used by Actemium. Perhaps in future use there will be more wishes for new features.

➾ The creation of new forms

Every form we use in our daily business can be digitized in a simple and easy way by using Kizeo Forms. Before you start with the creation of a new form you have to think over how and why you want to use the form. Not every form is suitable for digitization.

➾ The App (data collection on mobile devices)

The data entry from a mobile device is working smoothly. In the beginning we expierenced some problems on the mobile devices but that was just a lack of experience from our side. Because of the industrial environment we are using ruggedized tablets only. I have only experienced problems in the rain where the drops let the tablet and Kizeo Forms live their own lives.

➾ The data storage

It is very convenient that you can always access the information. But there are also parties that prefer not to see their data in the cloud. For these questions, there should be a possibility to put the data on our (or customers) own server.

➾ Which feature or element do you like the most?

I like the geo-tracker the most. We are currently using this feature with a number of customers to indicate the items inspected on a map of the customers location.

➾ Do you have any comment or suggestion?

You are all working hard for a good and nice tool. Keep on going like that!

-Huug van Vossen

Thank you very much Huug van Vossen for sharing your thoughts!


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