24 Apr, 2018

Testimonial Adam Henrichs - Executive Director at Creatio

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Industry: Non-profit  organization nonprofit organization

Services: Outdoor adventures, missions and pilgrimages  Testimonial Creatio


missionThe main mission of Creatio is to guide all people to encounter the beauty of creation and the creator through service to the poor, mission trips, outdoor adventure and environmental stewardship.




The main challenge that Creatio faced was the dependency on the internet to fill up the sign up forms. This resulted in fewer participant sign ups for various missions. Furthermore, the lack of proper integration with the database resulted in inconsistency in the data as well as increase in missed opportunities.

How Kizeo Forms helped in accomplishing the mission

accomplishKizeo Forms helped to accomplish the mission of Creatio by aiding in the sign up of participants for various adventure missions and pilgrimages. Furthermore, the offline functionality allows users to fill in the form without depending on an internet connection.


trophyBy using Kizeo Forms, Creatio was able to save a lot of time during their representation at various conferences. It eliminated the arduous effort of writing everyone’s name down manually and automated this process by replacing it with simple digital forms that are quick and easy to fill and can be easily uploaded to their database.

 Adam Creatio

By using Kizeo Forms at the SLS18 conference in Chicago, Creatio was able to collect over 800 names offline and save them to their database once it connected to the internet  - Adam Henrichs,  Executive Director - Creatio


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