12 May, 2022

How can Kizeo Forms Benefit Your Healthcare Institution?

Ensuring that your healthcare institution runs smoothly is an undertaking that should never be taken lightly. A well organised, productive healthcare industry means that healthcare professionals can focus the bulk of their energies on quality care for each and every patient. Patients should always remain the highest priority, right?

They certainly should. However, seemingly simple clerical errors, data breaches, and the resulting loss of sensitive data can get in the way in, well, a huge way. The incorporation of data loss prevention strategies and checklists is of the utmost importance.

Luckily, Kizeo Forms specialises in all of the above. So why not let us take care of YOU for a change? This way, while we take care of the business of improving your healthcare institution’s productivity, your doctors can focus on the business of saving lives.

There’s a whole lot to gain from incorporating the use of Kizeo mobile forms into your healthcare institution’s daily operations. If your institution chooses Kizeo, you’ll be able to…


  • Time and money saved: resources will be utilised more effectively as a result of digital forms’ enhancement of inventory management. Additionally, your doctors will be able to optimise the amount of time they can spend on patients.

Female doctor analysing information collected through Kizeo Forms mobile app

  • Protection of sensitive data - Kizeo’s data security measures will safeguard key, confidential patient and treatment information.

  • Accessibility of patient records for team members - Because Kizeo is entirely digital, your healthcare professionals will be able to access patient records instantaneously!

Digitalise patient's medical history

This will allow your healthcare institution to access crucial information with the touch of a button, while simultaneously keeping this sensitive data safe from potential data breaches. Some of the features that Kizeo utilises in order to make this possible are as follows:

  • Digital signature - Sign paperwork directly from your device!

  • Checklists - Kizeo checklists are easy to use, straightforward, and allow users to manage teams and tasks efficiently and reduce mistakes significantly.

  • Real-time transfers - Transfer completed forms from your mobile device to their web destination in real-time.

Male doctor colleagues reviewing an image collected using mobile forms

  • Attachments - Attach files while entering data on your mobile device!

  • Offline functions - No Internet connection? No problem! Our offline functions have that taken care of.

  • Photos - Take photos and upload them to our mobile app from wherever you might be!

Going digital with the Kizeo mobile forms app will improve your establishment's productivity, provide your patients with better care, decrease administrative errors, and increase efficiency. Plus, now that COVID-19 is a significant roadblock within the healthcare industry, digitising your healthcare institution will provide an especially noteworthy advantage.

Minimise COVID-19 protocol-related stressors

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many new complications, especially for healthcare institutions. It is imperative to ensure that your establishment complies with COVID safe sanitary measures.

Female and male doctor partners viewing data collected through mobile forms on a tablet

We want to minimise the amount of time you spend worrying about the minutiae of COVID-19 safety protocols. By CREATING A FORM TEMPLATE, you’ll be able to collect your colleagues’ health screening information swiftly, ensuring that they are complying with sanitary measures and are reporting to work symptom-free. In addition, you’ll be able to OPTIMISE PCR TESTING by designing your own mobile forms; doctors will be able to rapidly gather each patient’s information, and match each patient’s PCR test results to the corresponding medical history later on. Kizeo Forms will take care of all of those administrative specifics so that you can focus on continuing to provide patients with the one on one care that they deserve.

Your patients trust you to give them the best. Trust Kizeo Forms to help you help them.

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