23 May, 2023

Top apps for the pest control industry

With global warming driving a shift towards longer, hotter summers, and a continued growth of urban populations across the world - the numbers of rodents are increasing. And with an increase in rodents, and indeed pests of the insect variety, comes a need to control them.

Ibis World reported in summer 2022 that Pest Management has expanded rapidly over the past five years, and revenue from pest control services to the end of 2023 is likely to reach £953m. Such booming industries will always face challenges, in this blog we investigate the challenges in pest control management and how, by adopting some key pest control apps, you could address industry issues head on. 



The very nature of the pest control industry means you rely heavily on the presence of pests! The busiest seasons are spring, summer and autumn. Springtime brings an increase in temperatures and the blooming of flowers - the warmer weather brings creatures out of their hiding places and into our homes. 

Reporting and audit accuracy

Pest control services are regulated. For example you are required to keep detailed usage logs, which should be up to date. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and labels should be on for all pesticides in use, and pest sightings logs and trend data should be accurate so that trend data can be found on particular species.

Green credentials

Sustainable pest control is vital when working with chemicals that could be harmful to the environment. Pest control businesses are being urged to use non-toxic solutions, energy saving devices, low-emission vehicles and sustainable supply chains. Complying with environmental regulations whilst living your green credentials can be expensive and time consuming.

Many industries are benefiting from the introduction of a wide range of software and mobile apps to overcome the key challenges they face, and the pest control industry is no different. We have found the top pest control apps for, not only optimising small business operations, but improving customer service and increasing efficiency.  

pest control app1. Kizeo Forms

This handy mobile app is a self-service form builder that will support you in many pest management functions. The app has a library of pre-built forms for pest inspection, invoicing, equipment inventory, service logs and regulatory policy apps. Kizeo Forms will allow you to take pictures and annotate infestations, add geolocation, complete data offline even in remote locations in the field and add digital signatures.

2. Gorilla desk

Are you struggling to find space in a busy diary? Missing appointments and struggling to track team time sheets? This mobile app will help you to stay on top of your admin. The scheduling software means you can view and add appointments to your calendar on your mobile device, view team progress and even automate your payments with the invoice templates and reminders function.

3. Revetize

This app is specifically aimed at small businesses and aims to manage customer reviews, feedback and referrals to turn contacts into customers. As a business owner you will be able to collect customer feedback and reviews, analyse feedback, manage your customers and (if you don’t use Gorilla Desk) schedule appointments too.

4. Bayer pest portal

For all of your pest management needs, the pest portal app gives you key insights and research for your pest control service. The mobile app contains useful pest information, control advice and of course full treatment information too. Your one stop shop for exterminating pests.

5. Picture Insect

The cool AI powered app will be your pest control best friend on all pests. Simply take a picture of your unidentified critter and have the AI do the hard work. The mobile app will identify the insect and tell you all you need to know, allergic reactions, risks, pocket guides and even your own library to save commonly searched pests.

6. NPMA Field guide Pro

Dubbed as the latest tool for pest management professionals, this pest control app is a comprehensive library of images, information, behaviour, biology and control strategies for pests. The app has recently been upgraded to include an intuitive search function and a built-in identification key so you’ll be able to identify and control pests faster for your customers.

7. PCT Magazine

Get Pest Control Technology (PCT) Magazine directly to your mobile device and keep up with the latest trends and developments in pest control management. PCT Magazine brings you the latest news in pest control from spikes in infestations to job opportunities, new pest control techniques and regulations within the industry.

8. Quick books accounting

This mobile app version of quickbooks will give you all you need to manage your expenses, cash flow, profit and loss from anywhere in real time. The cloud based service makes it simple to keep track of all of your business finances in one place. Create and email an invoice, send payment notifications and upload expense receipts whilst you are on the go.

With the quick download of a couple of these cool pest control apps, you’ll take your pest control business to the next level! Save time on pest identification, and quickly and accurately manage your finances. Manage pests and customer information all from the palm of your hand!

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