07 Jul, 2022

Top mobile forms for oil and gas industry

Oil and gas companies have invested a lot of time in their data collection processes. It is a part and parcel of their daily routine. Paper forms have been used to capture data for a long time and several large companies still use paper today.

The use of paper comes with a lot of hindrances. There is no data security, sometimes the data entered is misinterpreted and this data has so to be re-entered into the office systems.

The use of mobile apps can simplify and eliminate various time-consuming steps. Most of the companies want to go digital today but several of them don't know where to start. It can be difficult to set up a foundation to advance with digitalisation.

This is where a digital forms solution like Kizeo Forms can help you. This mobile solution can help you decrease operational costs and improve workforce efficiency!

Kizeo Forms a simple mobile application

The Kizeo Forms solution makes use of cloud services to manage information. We use a simple drag and drop form builder that helps you create custom inspection forms. These forms can then be filled out from a mobile device.

You can share information in real-time and also capture information without an internet connection. This is a real add-on, especially in the oil and gas industry.

To add to this, once the data entry is made, this information can automatically be shared via email and custom reports.

Automate processes in the oil and gas industry with Kizeo Forms

Here are some processes that are most commonly automated with Kizeo Forms

  • pipeline inspection-01Pipeline inspection

Pipelines are the most important part of the oil and gas industry's physical infrastructure. Be it any type of pipeline inspection, you can record the data on the mobile app. The data analysis can then help you Improve pipeline life extension and pipeline safety.

  • Safety checks

Perform 5S audits, PPE inspections and record near misses and put in place actions to avoid accidents. This can help you avoid dangerous situations and improve workplace safety.

  • Preventative maintenance

Schedule regular inspections and send notifications to avoid breakdowns. Many of our clients use Kizeo Forms to perform ATEX inspections, asset maintenance checks etc.

  • oil and gas assets-01Asset management

Record assets and ensure a long life for your assets by performing regular maintenance

  • Packaging and transport

With the barcode scan record all the packages coming in and out. You can also perform vehicle inspections, fill out delivery reports etc.

  • Compliance

Perform regular compliance checks be it EHS inspections, ATEX inspections to ensure that you meet the necessary thresholds.

  • Work order management

Easily create and manage all your work orders on the go with the mobility and flexibility provided by the Kizeo Forms solution.

  • You can also manage various other generic activities like invoicing, timesheets, expense reports etc.

Kizeo Forms is like a custom app development solution allowing you to simplify data capture.

Hear from our customers:

"We have used Kizeo Forms as our primary tool for safety forms, daily Job Safety Analysis and equipment inspections are documented using Kizeo forms. They email out to maintenance and other key personnel so that they are in the loop. We are exploring more uses and finding that we have been able to replace some paid services with our own forms using Kizeo Forms."

-Ben. H, HSE Director in the Oil and energy sector

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