06 Dec, 2017

Testimonial - Charles REMANDE, Sodexo Energy and Maintenance

« Kizeo is guiding daily our field technicians at Sodexo Energy and Maintenance, French multi-technical branch of the Sodexo group, in optimizing our processes on site. Indeed, thanks to Kizeo Forms, digitization has become a real tool within reach. We now save a substantial amount of time.

Every day, we use around ten different digital forms (technical visits, meter reading, field intervention, attendance sheet…). Those electronic documents are sent directly, which means a real optimization of the information flow in real time.

Nowadays, the real estate industry is experiencing a transition in its on-site practices. We need to be more reactive, adaptable and transparent. In order to achieve these goals, we required powerful and effective tools such as Kizeo Forms. »

Charles REMANDE Manager of the Environment & Energy Department Technical Direction - Sodexo Energy and Maintenance

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