10 Jan, 2019

Watch the video testimonial with Huug van Vossen - Reliability Engineer at Actemium

Huug van Vossen, Reliability Engineer at Actemium explains how he implemented the Kizeo Forms solution to retrieve, integrate and analyze data collected from the field using a mobile device/tablet.

🏢Company: ActemiumLogo Actemium Maintenance

🌟Testimonial by: Huug van Vossen

⚙️Position: Reliability Engineer

Location: Goes, The Netherlands

🏢 The company 

My name is Huug van Vossen. I am a Reliability Engineer at Actemium Goes. Actemium Goes is one of the business units Actemium has in the Netherlands. Our business unit is active in maintenance, electrical instrumentation, automation and analyzers. My role is to help the business units by implementing best practices in maintenance. For instance, helping with new innovations like Kizeo Forms. In our business unit, 100 employees are working day by day to serve our clients.

📲 From paper to digital forms

Before we used Kizeo Forms, we had to take a huge amount of papers in the plant for our inspections. You can imagine when its windy outside or its raining but also, when you write it down in a book. You can lose your book or something else can happen. So, we had a lot of issues at the end of the day or the end of the week when we had to re-write our reports for the customers. It takes about twenty to thirty minutes to re-write a report. We use Kizeo Forms instead of our normal paper documents. Kizeo Forms is an automated system.

🌟 The advantages of digital forms

We have a lot of type of inspections we can do outside. We can go to the site, do our inspection and when we do the inspection, we can add photos in the report. We can also close the report with our autograph and with a press on the button we send it to the customer. So, we have the reports the same day on his desk. Another benefit of Kizeo Forms is that we can add a geolocation in the reports. We can press on the pin pointer, It opens the Google Maps and you can see where you are. So, our customers know that we are at the right spot for the inspections.

✅ Simple and Easy to use

No, it is not difficult to design a form on Kizeo Forms. Well, when you see it on the tablet you think it is very complicated but, when you are behind your computer it is very simple.

You can easily drag and drop the fields, you can change properties, you can add all kinds of fields, photographs, calculations, text fields, numeric, It is very simple!

📩 Easy to import and export files

One of our customers is using SAP and he is generating an export file and that export file we use as an import file for Kizeo Forms. We create with this import file, more pre-filled inspection forms and after the inspections, we create an export file for the customers. so, he can import this file into SAP.

🎯 Increase in Accuracy

One of the results with working with Kizeo Forms is that we are more accurate than in the past. Of course, we can make failures, it is normal but we reduce them to a minimum with Kizeo Forms.

Two years ago we started with three accounts. At this moment, we have sixty accounts and I think that in two or three years, everybody is working with Kizeo Forms in our organization.

-Huug van Vossen

Thank you very much Huug van Vossen for sharing your thoughts!

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