20 Dec, 2017

Newsletter We Keep You InFORMed #3 - What happened this quarter?

Find out what happen in 2017!

Let's review all the new releases and news that you may have missed this quarter!

App iOS, Android and Windows.

1. Apply a filter to display only certain elements of a list


It is now possible to filter which elements of a list will be displayed on your App while your are filling out a form. This particular setting can be applied to any type of external list. The purpose of this new option is to display only certain elements of the list according to what the mobile user has previously entered in his form.

To learn more about this new option, have a look at our tutorial on How to filter the display of your external list.

2. Hide permanently a field.

padlockIt is a new step forward in the field visibility settings! You can now hide permanently a field/element so that the mobile user won't be able to see it on his smartphone or tablet. To do so, go into the settings of this element when you create your form on the online platform. Then go into the 'Visibility' tab and check the box « Field always hidden »

To learn more on visibility conditions, do not hesitate to read our tutorial on how to put visibility conditions on your elements.

In your online platform

This quarter, there hasn't been any major change since the complete makeover of the platform that took place during the last quarter. Our team focused on optimizing technical aspects.

New form templates in the library

This quarter, we launched new form templates to show you the large possibilities offered by Kizeo Forms:

You can download them from the library and modify them to fit your activity. The best solution though is to create your own customized forms!

New client testimonials

We would be very glad to share your experience too! You can tell us what you think about Kizeo Forms through this experience page.

Did you know that?!

ideaFind out how to display checkboxes on your custom-made reports! Customize your Word/Excel reports and your emails by displaying checkboxes when you use list, choice or checkbox elements!

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