14 Jul, 2022

What is the best mobile inspection app?

Inspections have been a part of various industries/departments for a long time. It helps in ensuring quality, detecting anomalies and putting in place various corrective actions.

Several large organisations are still using paper forms to perform these inspections. The difficulties that have arisen as a result of this include:

Data loss, mis-interpretation of data, loss of time re-transcribing the data, a lack of smart features, and so much more.

Digitalisation of inspections

mobile form builder-01Using a mobile solution can help in alleviating the problems associated with paper forms while adding value to the process. By using a solution like Kizeo Forms, you can create your inspection forms through a simple drag and drop solution. The solution allows the addition of several smart features such as geolocations, photos, checkboxes, lists imported from your database and so much more!

Furthermore, you can also pre-fill various fields based on previous responses. The visibility conditions option allows you to collect only the necessary information and saves a lot of time! To add to this you can also manage teams. This management allows you to make the right information available to the right person at the right time.

You can also define scenarios to send the data collected to different stakeholders in the format of your choice. These inspection reports can be completely customized to suit your needs.

The forms that you have created will be automatically available on the mobile device thanks to the Kizeo Forms app. The Kizeo Forms app can be downloaded from the Playstore or the AppStore. Once the data is filled out, the inspection results will automatically be sent to the concerned person. This is done via custom emails with attached reports.

As the flow of information takes place in real-time, corrective actions can be immediately put in place. It is the ideal tool for all inspection managers.

Some inspections carried out by our customers:

Here are some examples of inspections carried out by our customers:

  • Safety inspections

Various types of safety inspections are performed using Kizeo Forms. These include PPE checks, Risk assessments, Near miss reports, workplace safety checks, compliance checks etc.

  • Pest control inspections

It allows you to optimise every aspect of pest control, from inspections to inventory to invoicing. 

  • Hotel room inspections

The app ensures a perfect stay for all customers. This is done by checking for anything broken, ensuring toiletries have been provided, the bar has been stocked etc.

  • Railway track inspections

With Kizeo Forms, inspection reports can be sent in real time to the relevant authorities. This ensures that the right technician is sent to the right place at the right time.

  • Vehicle inspections

The solution helps ensure that vehicles are safe to drive through regular inspections. This is done by accurately identifying vehicle problems and taking immediate corrective measures.

  • Maintenance inspections

Ensure proactive and preventative maintenance by performing your inspections with Kizeo Forms

Some other common inspections performed by our customers are:

Roof inspections, Crop inspections, HVAC inspections, Site inspections, Packaging inspections, Building inspections, Waterproofing inspections, Plumbing inspections, Janitorial inspections etc

These are just a few examples of the multitude of possibilities offered by Kizeo Forms.


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