08 Oct, 2020

#1 Vehicle inspection app for fleet management

What are vehicle inspections?

Vehicle inspections are regular audits of vehicles to ensure compliance with safety and emissions regulations. The government of various countries typically establish a mandate to regulate these inspections.

Periodic and carefully controlled vehicle inspections are a key requirement for fleet management. Using paper based systems to conduct these inspections results in time lost in data entries. It also results in manual errors, loss of information and lack of flexibility.

Using a mobile app like Kizeo Forms allows to easily perform your vehicle checks. Furthermore, you can send reports in real time and in a few minutes.

According to an analysis by Teletrac Navman, 42% have seen a decrease in safety issues. This was observed following the use of fleet tracking software to monitor driver behaviour.

The top vehicle inspection app

The Kizeo Forms app is the #1 vehicle inspection app for fleet managers. It helps maintain the continued safety of vehicles through regular inspections. You can also promote the safety of drivers and customers.

This is done by accurately identifying vehicle problems and taking immediate corrective measures. Furthermore, instruct all inspectors to complete vehicle inspections with timely notifications.

Why use a vehicle inspection app?

Use Kizeo Forms to perform all your vehicle inspections directly on your mobile device. The solution offers several smart functionalities. It is a perfect digital tool for all inspections.

Here are some essential features provided by Kizeo Forms:

    • vehicle inspection reports with Kizeo FormsCreate custom checklists/ forms with our online form builder.

    • Easy breakdown your checklists into various segments. Record all the information on your android device or tablet.
    • Check all areas inside the vehicle. This includes mirrors, windscreen, warning lights, steering, horn, brakes, seatbelts etc

    • Check all areas outside the vehicle. This includes lights, indicators, fuel tank, battery, exhaust, body, wheels, electrical connections, reflectors etc.

    • Automatically detect geolocation and add time stamps

    • Include photographic evidence of issues. Highlight areas using the drawing/sketch element.

    • Create or import lists to easily identify the type of vehicle just by selecting it on the form.

    • Send push notifications with pre-filled form elements. This helps you save time and accelerate processes.

    • Perform automatic calculations.

    • Add digital signatures to authorise and authenticate the data collected.

    • Send customised inspection reports in real time to the right person via custom emails.

    • Define workflows and manage information flow.

Hear from our customers..

"Thanks to Kizeo Forms, our field team is very pleased to be able to complete the forms without any help. This has improved the flow of information within our organisation and allowed us to be more productive". - Florent Schmitt, Technical Director - TBS

We offer unlimited flexibility. Control the flow of information between different users. Furthermore, get total control over your data. Profit from adapted data management. Create a custom and dynamic solution for each user using visibility conditions. Reduce the workload of your teams. You have total autonomy to create and define your automation process. Kizeo Forms is simple and easy to deploy, it evolves a step-by-step process to help you adapt and progress. Trace information easily and save time. Ensure data security, protection of personal information and compliance with various data protection regulations.

How to get started?

Create your free trial account to test all the functionalities offered by Kizeo Forms.

Create your checklist on the online platform using various smart elements.

The solution allows you to add up to 10 users with the free trial account. Create lists or import data. Create customised reports or use our standard report. Define automatic email scenarios based on responses on the form.

The data filled out can be recovered on the web platform.

Analyse the data with dashboards and integrate the information collected. Our API allows integration with multiple fleet software and internal business systems.

Go digital today!

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