06 Apr, 2020

Learn more about the new features available with the new version of Kizeo Forms!

New features: we are getting closer to the new release!

On Tuesday 7 April 2020 we will have the pleasure to present you our new mobile data collection application. We have focused on designing and developing this new version of Kizeo Forms with the user experience at the heart of our objectives. Thus, to develop this new version of Kizeo Forms after its development phase, we worked for more than a year in close collaboration with nearly 5,000 beta testers. This testing period has allowed us to be as close as possible to the requirements on the field: a solution that is increasingly intuitive, interactive and functional. The time has now come for us to lift the veil on the functionalities of this new version of Kizeo Forms.

Guided tour of the new version and new features of Kizeo Forms

Spotlight on Kizeo Forms features!

A) Ease of work counts!

New app Kizeo Forms Ergonomic navigation
1. Ergonomic navigation!

We have completely redesigned the navigation interface of Kizeo Forms ! It has been completely redesigned to make it more intuitive, more ergonomic and more functional.


New app Kizeo Forms data visulization


2. A better visualization of your data!

In your form all fields have been reviewed to improve the visualization of information. Data entry is smoother and simpler.

For example, we have redesigned the data visualization in the history tab as well as the "push" function and the table field.


New app Kizeo Forms customization



3. A customizable application!

You will be able to choose the font size and the display format of the elements.


New app Kizeo Forms training tips



We've got your back!

A training course in data entry has been set up. Tips will guide you with your data entries.

New app Kizeo Forms sketch element
1. The Sketch field:

This feature will allow you to create graphical representations that can be infinitely modified. You can also link elements of your sketch to lines in your tables.

New app Kizeo Forms visualize pdfs
2. View PDFs from your mobile phone:

From now on, you will be able to view PDFs (standard and customized) of the data sent directly from your mobile phone.

New app Kizeo Forms lock function
3. A lock function:

The "lock" function is now available. It offers the possibility to have your form re-read without modifying its content during data entry.




C) Better organized means more efficiency:

Géolocalisation automatique
1. Viewing your "Push" becomes easier:

You now have the possibility to display them in three different ways: map, list and more importantly planning (calendar).



2. Push planning:

The Pushed data will be displayed on mobile phones in the form of a schedule, making the actions to be taken for the day or the week clearer.


Sauvegarde automatique


3. The automatic saving:

Thanks to the new version, the data is saved throughout the data entry process. In short, the backups are automatic: don't be afraid of running out of battery.


D) A multitude of other changes:



1. More simplicity:

With a few clicks, you can reset your data entry without having to leave your form.

Indicateur de saisie
2. A data entry indicator:

See at a glance the number of fields remaining to be entered before finalizing your data entry.


Miniature des médias


3. Media thumbnails:

Thumbnails of the media in your tables, or in the photo fields will be displayed in your form.

4. Simplicity at your fingertips:

A simplified connection. Connect and disconnet to the Kizeo Forms easily.


Répertoire téléphonique


5. A single click to import a contact:

To open your phonebook you won't need to enter a contact field anymore.


Géolocalisation immédiate



6. We'll save you some time:

You will be able to geolocate yourself without getting into the "Geolocation" field.


Galerie d'image



7. Your image gallery :

An image gallery, composed of the pictures you will have taken from Kizeo Forms is available. Easily find all your "professional" media from any smartphone.


In the months following the release of the new version of Kizeo Forms we have many more surprises in store for you. For example, we will be deploying new features such as: international currencies, image selection and notation.

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