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07 Apr, 2022

What Elements Can I Use in Smart Forms?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where static forms just don't cut it? Smart Forms have been growing in workplaces. Healthcare institutions, construction sites, and even agricultural establishments are discovering the advantages of this working partner. However, to make the most out of them, smart forms must be used properly. All of their features must be taken advantage of. Every user should know, in detail, which elements [...]

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06 Apr, 2020

Learn more about the new features available with the new version of Kizeo Forms!

New features: we are getting closer to the new release! On Tuesday 7 April 2020 we will have the pleasure to present you our new mobile data collection application. We have focused on designing and developing this new version of Kizeo Forms with the user experience at the heart of our objectives. Thus, to develop this new version of Kizeo Forms after its development phase, we worked for more than a year in close collaboration with [...]

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