24 May, 2017

A Few Words From Our CEO

 In this section , discover all the faces of Kizeo!

Who is behind the Kizeo company?

I am a Sci-fi fan and I would like to have invented flying carpets and teleportation already.

As far as I can remember, I always loved science-fiction! I used to dream of a world full of futuristic gadgets! I watched the Bogdanoff brothers TV show!

I grew up to think realistically like an adult but I kept my childhood dreams.

The future is already here! Information is available instantly to everybody, we have computers in our pockets, and so on.* Of course, we don't have flying cars yet but I think it is only a matter of time.

* I know that for the Y or Z generations, it may seem like I was born in Middle Ages or during prehistoric times!   

I started Kizeo Forms because I am convinced that technology can truly serve the Human being.

I wanted to be part of the technological achievements by adding this humble contribution. The concern I always keep in mind is how to help mankind. Technology has a point only if it is useful and helps bringing well-being.

Kizeo Forms may not be the most glamorous product ever but it really makes the life of our clients way easier. Our App allows women and men to do their job better and faster. Therefore, they can really focus on the core of their activity and do less paperwork.

Moreover, this idea that was at the beginning rather technological became a wonderful human adventure. I am truly happy to have successfully created a 14-employee-gender-equal team today that moves towards a common professional future.

So, I still dream of inventing flying carpets or teleportation. But for the time being, I am focusing on the 14 staff members working so that more than 20,000 persons can enjoy the new technology in their work environment. Tomorrow, who knows…

Philippe Gellet - Kizeo CEO


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