08 Aug, 2017

Let's Get To Know Amanda, Marketing And Communication Representative at Kizeo

In this section, discover all the faces of Kizeo !

Amanda-MD-280pxAmanda Colombeau

Marketing and Communication Representative


« Always connected, at home as well as at work,  I am a real cellphone addict! For me, there is no way I go out with my friends without taking any picture to immortalize the moment, even though they may not like it as I do! At Kizeo, you will obviously find me on the blog and on social media! »

My role at Kizeo

I am a Marketing and Communication representative for Kizeo. I first started to work there in September 2015.

What do I do?  Together with the team, I define and implement Kizeo Strategic Communication Plan. I regularly post articles in French on the blog and share them on social media. Furthermore, I make sure that the Kizeo's image and reputation is being respected.

My experience

During several years, I was in charge of a mobile phone store. Since I have always been found of new technologies, after that, I decided to open an online store. Then I joined Kizeo, a mobile applications editor.

My favorite expressions

« Things happen for a reason, there is no coincidences »  « With a tattoo and good manners! »

My hobbies

For a few years now, I have been attending Zumba classes. I love to go out on the Mediterranean Sea. I am a Mom so I spend most of my free time with my daughter Charlotte. Both of us, we like to do manual activities such as gardening and DIY.

Amanda Colombeau

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