16 Sep, 2020

Audit checklist mobile app for your business

Audit checklist mobile apps helps companies run frequent inspections to guarantee quality. Using a mobile application instead of a paper-based system enables you to obtain quality information. You can also access it from anywhere. In addition, you can quickly initiate corrective actions. Get rid of paper forms today and start collecting information directly on your mobile devices.

Important features to look for in an audit checklist mobile app

There is a plethora of auditing applications at your disposal. We can help you save time and make the right choice. An ideal application should contain elements that are essential for your audits and components that can accelerate your existing systems. Here are a few reasons why Kizeo Forms is the ideal audit checklist mobile app for your business:


  • Transfer information in real time to the right person at the right time.
  • Customise to create your own inspection app/inspection checklists, risk assessments etc.
  • Perform audits in the remotest areas thanks to our offline mode option.
  • Use visibility and reference fields to pre-fill some form information and make fields appear/disappear based on form responses.
  • Import and export data in multiple formats
  • Use the app to add photos and annotate them.
  • Create your own custom checklists or use one from our free forms library
  • Send notifications to employees with pre-filled fields
  • Use the slider option to provide inspection ratings
  • Schedule your next inspection using the planning option
  • Create custom reports and e-mails
  • Integrate information to your information system or any other business or auditing software.
  • Use the digital signature option to authenticate and authorise.
  • Add attachments and reference documents directly on your form to ensure you don't miss out on anything.

Benefits of using Kizeo Forms

Our app is available in multiple languages. Furthermore, we also have multi-lingual service team at your disposal for further assistance. It can serve as the perfect data management software.

At Kizeo, we let the numbers speak for themselves. Our customers have seen a multitude of benefits with our application. Here's what one of our customers recently reported...

 "One of the activities of our company is the maintenance of electrical installations. In our business model, services are completed when the technical report of the service performed is published. In many cases, their delivery can take up to 30 days, because the information that reaches us from the field is of very poor quality. Currently, these reports are virtually completed online. This has allowed us to reduce the average time to produce reports from 23 to just 1 day!
The result has been so successful that we are replicating the company's experience for other units. Kizeo Forms is an excellent tool for generating field forms. It is very versatile to configure, it allows you to send emails according to pre-set parameters. Most of all, it is extremely user-friendly to set up customised reports. It is an excellent alternative when you already have standard formats. The use of the App is intuitive, which has allowed our field staff to adapt quickly. Overall, we are very satisfied with the acquisition." Miguel. V, OP Service SAC 


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