01 Jun, 2018

Automate HRM processes with Kizeo Forms!

Kizeo Forms is the perfect tool to automate your HRM processes

Digital media offers you the possibility to simplify and automate your HRM processes such as management of absences and holidays, expense reports, training follow-ups and management of hours.

Large enterprises get the services from some specialized companies to automate their Human Resources management process, it is far from the same in most SMEs and start-ups. Indeed, it is usually the manager who takes charge of the human resource management in these small organisations. When managing an SME or a start-up it can be difficult to find a digital Human Resources management tool that:

  • can adapt to your needs
  • is financially accessible
  • does not require any special computer knowledge
  • and that is intuitive enough to be accepted by all employees.

However, digitalisation must allow SME managers to free themselves from the administrative management of staff to develop a successful HR strategy. In other words, the digitization of HR must not be exclusive only to the large organisations.

Start with a simple project:

It seems more appropriate to start the digitization of human resources by digitizing some simple processes such as the management of absences and leave, expense reports and hour records/timesheets. These actions can mark the beginning of the establishment of a Human Resource Management System/Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

Human resource management

By digitizing these recurring acts you can:

  • save a lot of time processing your data.
  • automate your HR processes.
  • offer greater autonomy to your employees.
  • improve the "employee experience" by offering efficient and modern tools.
  • reduce operating costs by reducing the use of consumables.

Kizeo Forms is a tool that adapts to your needs!

Kizeo Forms is a mobile solution that fully adapts to your business. It allows you to integrate the phone/tablet of your employees and transmit data from any workplace with or without an internet connection, your employees can easily send their expense reports or leave requests.

The application is fully customizable and offers you many possibilities.

Create Form

Create a form using various features and then with one click you can share your form with your employees allowing them to make their leave requests from their smartphone.

Some examples of uses of Kizeo Forms:

Expense report demo Timesheet demo

Go digital today!

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