20 Dec, 2018

Clean your worries away with Kizeo Forms! Discover Digital Forms for Janitorial Services

✅ Ensure Quality Cleaning with Kizeo Forms

If you are from the commercial janitorial/cleaning services industry you know that the janitors spend most of their time on the field. A lot of paperwork is involved to maintain logbooks, inspections, cleaning equipment inventory, customer records and so on! Valuable time is lost filling paperwork. Kizeo Forms can help in quickening and easing this process for you! Furthermore, you avoid the disadvantages of paper forms such as illegible handwriting, misplacement of forms and no data security!

📲 Create Customizable Digital Forms

With the Kizeo Forms application you can create forms that suit your needs. You can simply drag and drop various elements on your form. You can use various features like checkbox, choice, geolocation, lists, signatures and more! Furthermore, once you have completed your form, you can send customizable emails and reports to multiple prospects! The application also works in the offline mode. You can save your form from any location, once you are back to a connected area, the form is sent automatically!

Digital Forms for Janitorial Services

🌟Advantages of Kizeo Forms

  • Quickly and easily send cleaning estimates to your customers
  • Maintain an inventory of the cleaning equipment
  • Create cleaning logbooks
  • Ensure purchasing pocilies and procedures are respected
  • Create and Send cleaning schedules
  • Create employee timesheets
  • Maintain customer records
  • Create checklists to ensure nothing has been missed
  • Create expense reports
  • Analyze form data to make future business decisions
  • Send personalized reports to customers
  • And so much more!
Save time and money, integrate data to your CRM, Ensure your data is secure and go paperless with the Kizeo Forms application!


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