07 Feb, 2019

Conduct Employee Performance Evaluations with the Kizeo Forms application!

✅ Quick and Productive Performance Evaluations

Managers have to regularly evaluate the performance of their employees and share feedback. These performance evaluations involve a lot of paperwork and requires data transfers between employees and managers(immediate and high level managers). Using paper forms results in lost time and can result in several manual errors. Furthermore, there is no data security.

Kizeo Forms can help you optimize this process. The simple and easy to use drag and drop interface helps you create customized forms to meet your needs and helps you send and transfer them directly from the mobile device. You can include features such as checkboxes, choice elements, use a signature to secure the form, add photos and calculations and more! 

Employee Performance Evaluations

📲 Benefits of using the Kizeo Forms application

Plan, control and execute HR operations

You can use the Kizeo Forms application to organize and manage various aspects of your business be it any industry. The application is intuitive allowing you to create personalized forms that suit your needs. 

Manage expectations

Manage employee and manager expectations, create a form with various questions, use the slider to provide a final rating, calculate scores as well as provide a space to exchange ideas and share your expectations.

Exchange evaluations and ideas

Fill out the form and transfer them to your manager. Share your evaluations and exchange ideas and arrive at an outcome that meets both of your expectations.

Perform interim reviews

Conduct the Interim Review meetings using the Kizeo Forms application to provide the employee with an opportunity to discuss accomplishments and share issues or obstacles that require attention from the manager.

Review and analyze the results

Kizeo Forms allows you to quickly retrive and analyze historical data thereby helping you make business decisions. Review the interim results and make a final evaluation and arrive at an outcome that meets both of your expectations.

Review and analyze the process

Check if the process meets the manager and employee expectations. Create surveys and record responses and incorporate changes by modifying the forms if necessary.

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