31 Mar, 2022

How to Convince Your Bosses to Switch to Mobile Forms

Mobile forms are an amazing tool for organisations. They allow them to boost their team’s productivity, improve efficiency, and upgrade data analysis. What’s more, they are available to all industries, which enables teams to automate various processes and collect precise data effortlessly independently of their area of work.

Some benefits of such technology may be easier to see than others, but some decision-makers might not be aware of the many advantages mobile forms can have, and they might be a little reluctant to digitalise processes.

Taking this into consideration, we’d like to share with you some tips and make it easier for you to convince our bosses to go digital. Read on to find out!

Start it off with some benefits

One of the best ways of starting this conversation is to present them with the main benefits of mobile forms. Shedding light on the upsides of adopting new technologies will soften your bosses, and make them more predisposed, while shining light on how brilliant and committed to the company you are.

Female businesswoman presenting the benefits of mobile forms to her team

Although we mentioned an increase in productivity and efficiency, this is the time to dig a little deeper and provide further detail. These are some interesting benefits to digital forms you can mention:

  • Improve data accuracy: gather and send reliable and quality information at any time and place. Use mandatory fields to avoid missing out on important information.

  • Avoid data re-entries: ensure the data is directly transferred from the field upon form completion and avoid re-entering the same information on a computer.

  • Store data safely and in just one place: all of the information collected through these forms will be securely stored in the Cloud, thus making it always available to team members.

  • Have a positive impact on the environment: by switching to digital forms, organisations will avoid printing unnecessary sheets of paper. Consequently, they will be minimising their negative impact on the environment.

Construction team collecting data safely with mobile forms

Lure them in with interesting features

There are several form apps available today. Most of them come with basic features that can help you collect data precisely. Some of them are:

  • Easy drag and drop form building: allows users to build forms in a matter of seconds by simply dragging the desired fields onto the form.

  • Access/Controls Permissions: enables you to determine who can access which documents. This allows you to prevent information from reaching the wrong people.

  • Electronic signatures: prevent any change from being made to your form after it has been signed and saved.

  • Offline mode: collect data at any time and place. You no longer have to be limited by connectivity, with this feature you can gather data despite not being connected to the internet.

  • File conversion: export your forms to the file type you need: PDFs, Excels, and more at your immediate disposal.

The features mentioned above are common to most mobile form apps. However, some of them offer smart features that allow you to customise your forms further. Kizeo Forms is one of them. These are some of the special elements this app offers:

  1. Geolocation element: this element allows you to locate yourself or your users by recording your geographical position.

  2. Barcode scanning: this mobile form field allows you to scan or manually enter a bar code or a QR code on your form.

  3. The sketching element: this feature allows you to take a photo from your mobile device and then add written note(s) on top of it. It can either be text, shape(s) or manual drawing(s).

  4. Voice recordings: this element allows you to record quick comments and observations through voice recordings.

  5. Checklists: by using this feature in your forms, you will be sure not to miss out on any detail. Also, you will provide a simple way of collecting precise information.

Female worker filling out a mobile form on site

Close it up with a free trial

If at this point your bosses are still not convinced, we have an ace under our sleeve. Most mobile form apps offer their users a free trial. This enables them to test it, and enjoy its benefits without having to invest yet. Once it expires, and if the user likes the experience, they can contact the corresponding Sales team and purchase a monthly plan.

Kizeo Forms offers a 15-day free trial. No credit card is required, which might be a significant plus for your bosses. During this period, up to 10 users can be added. All of them can benefit from every feature this practical solution has to offer.

Male architect gathering information though Kizeo Forms free trial

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to go down the digital path with mobile forms. The key to convincing decision-makers is in the way you share this information with them. Be sure to build strong storytelling, and don’t forget to mention all of the points we just went through!

If this works, and you need a partner to work with, don’t forget to visit Kizeo Forms’ website!

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