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31 Mar, 2022

How to Convince Your Bosses to Switch to Mobile Forms

Mobile forms are an amazing tool for organisations. They allow them to boost their team’s productivity, improve efficiency, and upgrade data analysis. What’s more, they are available to all industries, which enables teams to automate various processes and collect precise data effortlessly independently of their area of work. Some benefits of such technology may be easier to see than others, but some decision-makers might not be aware [...]

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10 Feb, 2022

How to turn your mobile device into an efficient work tool

Our mobile devices come with us everywhere. We use them to chat with people, take pictures, and scroll through social media. What if we said you can also use them as a working tool? These devices have the potential to help us get through our day-to-day tasks. They can boost your productivity and increase your efficiency. Interested in turning your mobile device into a working tool? Read on to find out how to make the most out of them!

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23 Dec, 2021

How can you control the flow of information in your company?

Keeping track of how information flows in your organisation is more than essential. The exchange of information between each business process, and your people represents a huge part of how your business works. Monitoring the flow of information will allow you to identify improvement opportunities, polish up procedures, and understand where changes can be made. Moreover, it will allow you to see clearly what status business deals are [...]

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