20 Feb, 2020

Create a custom fillable forms application for Android and iOS devices

Fillable forms with Kizeo Forms-01Fillable forms application for all industries!

A fillable forms application has become a daily requirement for all industries. Collecting data is part and parcel of all businesses. The ' Mobile Generation' expects you to seamlessly transfer information on the go. Be it a field officer, a sales manager or a technician, data collection is a part of everyday work. Most of these roles involve the collection of complex information. This includes barcodes, NFC tags, geolocations, calculations etc. Using paper to fill out this information is time consuming and requires carrying additional materials on the field.

An app that meets all your data optimization needs

Kizeo Forms is a mobile forms application that helps you fill out information on the go and from any location. You can create custom forms on your desktop with your company branding and several smart options. once these forms are created you can easily fill them out and send the information to the desired recipients. Furthermore, you will be able to analyze and integrate information to your CRM, ERP's or other softwares.

Why use a custom fillable forms app?

Using a mobile app to collect data can help you save time and resources. It does so by preventing duplicate entries, avoiding manual errors and transferring information in real time. The flexibility aspect helps you create any app that involves data collection all in one place. You can also guard your brand image with the custom feature. Use your logo, company defined reports and company colour codes.

What are some of the custom apps that you can create with Kizeo forms?

Kizeo forms is 100% customizable and is flexible to all business activities. Here are some custom apps that you can create:

  • Timesheet application: Record hours worked, request for leaves and payments

  • Daily report application: Record activities of various contractors, cost and amount of materials used etc

  • Trade show application: Record details of all your potential customers and partners at trade shows. You can also send them various marketing materials and schedule future appointments from your mobile device.

  • Inventory application: Record and manage day to day inventory

  • Maintenance application: Ensure preventative and pro-active maintenance by scheduling regular maintenance checks

  • Field Service application: Be it any inspection on the field, you can create your very own with Kizeo Forms

  • And more! The endless customization possibilities offered by Kizeo Forms allows you to create any data collection app that you desire.

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