22 Jan, 2019

Create and Manage Purchase Orders with the Kizeo Forms application!

📲Digital Purchase Orders

Digital purchase orders resemble invoices but are used to initiate purchases and are very important to manage accounts payable. The purchase orders must contain clear information such as the list of goods and services, pricing information, shipping details, signature, terms and conditions etc. Creating purchase orders on paper comes with several limitations. Hand written forms are difficult to comprehend and hence prone to errors. Furthermore, you cannot perform simple and complex calculations without carrying a calculator and data must be re-entered onto a computer.

The Kizeo Forms application helps you simplify the creation and sending of purchase orders. You can add elements such as the calculation field where you can add formulas to compute information directly once the information is entered. you can also add geolocations, digital signatures, barcodes, lists and more! Once your purchase order form is filled in you can send customized emails and reports directly from the mobile device/tablet. This helps you save time, save money and increase efficiency.

Digital Purchase Orders

✅Easily create and manage Purchase Orders

Do not miss out on information

The seller or vendor can easily create a form that meets his needs and fill out information such as PO number, quantity, order description, shipping details, payment terms, invoice terms and conditions and the unit price of all goods and items. You can also ensure that you do not miss out on information by making the fields mandatory

Automatically calculate the final cost

Use the calculation field to calculate the final cost automatically.

Capture the purchasing agent's signature

The signature element of the Kizeo Forms application can be used to capture the purchasing agent's signature to validate the purchase orders.

Improve Accuracy and provide clear information

Kizeo Forms can be used to capture information such as list of goods and services, pricing information, shipping details, signature, terms and conditions etc directly from the mobile device.

Use the Kizeo Forms application to create digital purchase orders, save time, save money and increase efficiency!


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