30 Sep, 2020

Create no code mobile forms with Kizeo Forms

What are no code mobile forms?

No code mobile forms are solutions that allow professionals at all stages to build their own solutions. This is done using a simple visual programming element. A drag and drop form builder is an example of a visual programming element.


Simple drag and drop form creation process

The Kizeo Forms form builder is composed of several elements necessary to create your form. All you have to do is drag and drop the various elements into the form creation space to start creating forms. This allows professionals at all stages with or without technical knowledge to create powerful mobile forms.

No more coding required for data collection activities

Our do it yourself custom mobile forms app is the perfect tool for all types of enterprises. It enables you to create mobile apps tailored to meet your needs. Selecting a no code mobile forms solution like Kizeo Forms helps you build mobile forms faster. All you have to do is create your forms on the web platform and fill them out from the mobile application.

Customise and optimise

Our solution makes use of the cloud services to provide a simple tool for business users. It is intended to accelerate the application development process. Any member from your team can master creating a form that is fillable from mobile devices. You no longer need a developer tool or code solutions to speed up administrative tasks.

Furthermore, you can create custom reports that reflect your company's branding. Ensure you delivery quality reports to your stakeholders as well as ensure a proper standard across all your enterprises and brands.

"My favorite things about the app are the ease of use on the front end for the user is fantastic, even our old, less tech friendly guys have been able to use it. Furthermore, I am also a big fan of its customisable pdf exports. Appearance is a big factor for our company and being able to export information in a nice, well organised, clean manner is important to us. The tutorials are incredibly in-depth and well written." -Keith W, Safety Officer (Read more reviews on Kizeo Forms on the Capterra platform)

The Kizeo Forms no code mobility solution

steps-with-kizeo-forms_récap-kf The solution offers a multitude of functionalities and flexibility to create multiple custom forms and reports. With this no code solution you can:

  • Create your forms on the web platform and collect field data from a mobile device or tablet.
  • Create workflows and optimise your processes. Add users and define hierarchy, define visibility condition etc.
  • Share/transfer data, recover filled out form data and analyse the information collected. The data can be shared in multiple formats (excel, pdf, word) and sent via customised e-mails.

With this solution, you have the the possibility to create different emails scenarios. You can add recipients of your choice and send information based on the responses on the form. This helps you automate various processes.

  • Integrate to various softwares/enterprise systems for no additional cost using our API.

Our free trial for a period of 15 days is the perfect opportunity to discover the various benefits of a no code platform. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to add up to 10 users to ensure that your team is happy with the solution. All the functionalities are available during this test period for no additional cost!

Hear from our customer..

“Kizeo Forms is a Digital tool that turns out to be  very flexible. It provides all the features needed to build any kind of form.  It is a solution that  perfectly answers to our company expectations and allows everyone in his own field and position to contribute to digitising our activity.” -Fabrice RUSSO, Chanas District Manager , VINCI AUTOROUTES

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