20 Jun, 2018

Energize your business with Kizeo Forms!

The energy sector has undergone an abundance of changes in the recent years. Digitizing energy has gained importance and could prove to be an essential element for the energy sector. Paper forms are highly time consuming and can prove to be very costly not only in the form of money but also environmental damage. Kizeo Forms can help you reduce your carbon footprint and improve efficiency.

Kizeo Forms can help the energy sector improve field inspections, aid proactive maintenance, reduce risk through regular audits and also estimate and analyse the risks. It can be used for your daily administrative process as well. It eliminates the risk and lack of security associated with paper forms. Furthermore, it is a quicker, simple and secure way to transfer information. The various features provided by Kizeo Forms, helps you create forms based on your needs incorporating various elements like making complex calculations on the go, creating lists, signing contracts or inspection forms and plenty more!

Testimonial Actemium At this moment we use Kizeo Forms for  inspections concerning the ATEX legislation, different types of  test sheets, engineering, etc. Kizeo Forms can yield up to  1000 pre-filled forms at a time, which helps us  save time during the  inspections.

-Huug van Vossen, Reliability Engineer at Actemium

Enhance your digital capabilities with Kizeo Forms and improve performance, reduce downtime, reduce risk, save time and money and go green!

Don’t be Fuelish! Digitize now for a better tomorrow

Digitizing Energy

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