15 Feb, 2019

Digital Forms for Insurance - Guaranteed Increase in efficiency with the Kizeo Forms application!

Automate insurance appraisals

For insurance claims, one needs to provide a lot of information and provide attached proof. Using paper forms for this process is tiresome and could result in several manual errors. Furthermore, this data is re-entered on a computer resulting in lost time and money.

With the Kizeo Forms application you can quickly collect all the necessary information and mark certain fields mandatory to avoid missing out on vital information. Furthermore you can send pre-filled forms to make form filling more easy and you can create and attach personalized reports to your forms and send them via email upon form completion.

Easily collect all the necessary information required and avoid a bad evaluation of the damages.  Estimate the value of the goods before the subscription of the insurance. During a post-disaster assessment you can inspect and determine the causes, verify the circumstances and estimate the amount of damage or injury directly from your mobile device or tablet.

Digital Forms for Insurance

Discover the various benefits of using the Kizeo Forms application


Perform inspections from your mobile device and annotate the pictures with the drawing element to highlight areas of interest.



Record results from the inspection and ensure you do not miss out on necessary fields by marking them as mandatory fields.



Collect data with or without an internet connection. Record information from any remote area. The data is automatically transferred once you are back in a connected area.



Improve accuracy and secure your data. Authenticate your reports using the signature element to avoid data manipulation.


checklistCreate checklists and avoid wasting time creating long reports. You ca also incorporate choice fields and add a slider to evaluate your inspections.


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