12 Jun, 2018

Kick start your Digitization with Kizeo Forms - Digital Forms for the Sports industry

world cup 2018Are you game for the World Cup 2018?

Kizeo Forms is all set to make this world cup more fun and interesting! Get in better shape and measure the outcomes of your sports program with Kizeo Forms. Be it Football, Basketball, Athletics or any other sport, Kizeo Forms can digitize the world of sports!

Paper forms are used constantly in sports clubs for registrations, medical clearance, reviews, evaluation, feedback and much more! Kizeo Forms can help you save time by digitizing the form filling process. Record all the elements in real time and ensure privacy and confidentiality of data

Digitial Forms Sports Industry

Take part in our big "2018 World Cup Contest" and try to win:

  • An official jersey of the winning team customized with your name
  • An official world cup soccer ball
  • A world cup T-shirt

To do this, simply designate, from now on (until July 9th 2018), the selection that will win the 2018 edition. If the team you have selected wins the World Cup 2018 you will be chosen to participate in the draw.

To participate, simply register by filling in the required fields.

Participate in the 2018 World Cup Contest

The winner will be contacted on the day of the draw. The nature of the lot and how to benefit from it will be confirmed. You can only play once. Multiple e-mail address will automatically be eliminated from the contest.

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