09 Apr, 2018

SICK of paperwork? Discover digital forms for Healthcare!

Forms in Healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is inundated with immense paper work. Multiple forms are used to fulfil various objectives such as obtaining and updating healthcare records of patients, administration and billing, laboratory results and inventory of surgical equipment & medicines. Kizeo Forms helps you design and customize forms to help you save time and resources.

Why Digital Forms?

With the digital revolution, immense changes are being observed in the healthcare industry. The use of paper forms has various limitations such as loss of valuable time, lack of security and loss of data due to misplacement of these forms. Furthermore, doctors end up spending more time doing paper work than with their patients. Lack of structure from using paper forms wastes valuable time in not just filling of the forms but also reading, sorting and analyzing them. Digital forms can make form filling less cumbersome and easier to process. A switch to digital forms can change the healthcare landscape and enhance and ease administrative work through out the value chain. Prioritizing the use of streamlined processes through the use of various digital platforms is vital if you want to progress in the healthcare industry.

Digital Forms in Healthcare Industry

Benefits of using Kizeo Forms in Healthcare:

  • Reduce billing time and time spent filling out insurance claims.
  • Spend more time with patients
  • Facilitate remote patient monitoring
  • Enhance inventory management and avoid loss of data
  • Save the environment by eliminating the use of paper 
  • Improve resource utilization. Save time, save money
  • Protect and safeguard sensitive data
  • Easy access to patient records for home healthcare visits or at a health centre
  • Availability of multiple features that offers flexibility in designing forms to suit your needs

Consequently, digitizing the healthcare administrative process can prove to be extremely beneficial.

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