05 Mar, 2019

Discover Digital Forms for painting Contractors - Professional Finishing with Kizeo Forms!

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Painting contractors fill out several forms for their daily activities such as collecting contact details, creating contracts, maintaining inventory, quality checks, invoice and pricing and more! Most of this data is normally collected on paper because of which several contractors lose valuable time and money as well as miss out on new business from other clients!

Kizeo Forms can help you eliminate the issues associated with paper forms and transform the way you do business. With the Kizeo Forms application, you can create customized forms incorporating various elements to meet your needs, you can manage workflows, create and send customized reports on the go from any location!  Incorporate elements in your form such as geolocation, checkboxes, slider, photos, calculation and more!

Save valuable time, save money and improve workforce productivity with the Kizeo Forms application!

Mobile forms for painting contractors

📲 Ways Kizeo Forms can benefit painting contractors

Eliminate paperwork

With the Kizeo Forms application, you can create a digital version of all your documents and complete and transfer these documents from the field from your mobile device/tablet [

Eliminate data re-entries

Thanks to the Kizeo Forms application you can avoid re-entering the data collected on the field on to the computer. The data can be retrieved directly from the online platform of the application. 

Create a custom form for various needs

You can use the smart elements available on the application such as photos, geolocation, checkboxes etc to create a form that meets your needs.

Send data without an internet connection

With the Kizeo Forms application you can collect and transfer data without an internet connection allowing you to collect data from remote areas. Once you are back in an area with an internet connection, the data will automatically be transferred.

Transfer pre-filled forms

Transfer pre-filled forms to save time and transfer data quickly between team members.

Avoid missing out important information

You can mark certain fields as mandatory fields to avoid missing out on important information.

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