21 Nov, 2018

Discover Digital Forms for Petrol Services - Get the most out of every drop with the Kizeo Forms application!

Key activities in Petrol Services Industry

Preventative and predictive maintenance, operational health and safety, regulatory policies, inventories, caliberations and deliveries are some of the key activities in the petrol services industry. These activities require the filling out of several forms on a daily basis. The use of paper forms to cnoduct these activities results in lost time and money as well as a high probability for document misplacements and transcription errors.

The Kizeo Forms application can help in combating all the difficulties of paper forms by replacing them with digital forms. You can easily create and send personalized forms from any device and at any location with or without an internet connection! Furthermore, you can include various elements in your forms such as signatures, choice, checkbox, geolocation, barcodes and so much more! You can also send personalized emails to recipients upon the completion of the form.

Digital Forms for Petrol Services

Digitize Data Collection

Use Kizeo Forms to create

  • Maintenance checklists: Use the app to inspect barrels and other assets. Use the drawing element to highlight problems, add signatures to secure your forms. Conduct preventative and proactive maintenance inspections with the Kizeo Forms application!

  • Policies and procedures: Create and fill out various policy forms involved in the petrol services industry from the your mobile device.

  • Warehouse and Inventory: Ensure proper tracking of barrels and other equipments. Add barcodes and NFC tags to track them at every step. You can also use various lists to improve data organization.

  • Delivery Reports: Manage your transportation deliveries with the application. Record arrival and departure times and check for discrepancies.

  • Administrative processes: manage invoices, create timesheets and analyze historical data.

You can create 100% customized forms with the Kizeo Forms application! Increase efficiency,  Save time and money, ensure  data security and  save the environment by shifting to Kizeo Forms!


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