29 Oct, 2018

The Road to Digitalization - Discover Digital Forms for Road Inspections

What are Road Safety Inspections?

Road Safety Inspections are systematic inspections of existing roads or a particular section of a road to identify faults, potential/existing hazards that could cause accidents. Using paper forms to conduct these inspections could result in manual errors. As the roads are open and exposed to rain, the use of paper forms could hinder the inspection process. By using paper forms, you cannot take pictures, add geolocation or add links!

Shift to digital forms to quickly add your location, take pictures of potential hazards, create checklists and ensure mandatory fields are filled in to avoid missing out on valuable information. You can also add digital signatures to your forms! Once you detect a hazard you can quickly send a programmed email to the desired team as well as attached customized reports!

Digital forms for Road Inspections and repair

Use the Kizeo Forms application to:

  • Inspect cross sections including surface conditions and drainage

  • Inspect traffic signals and junctions

  • Checking alignments and intersections

  • Inspecting railway lines and crossings

  • Checking load limits

  • Inspecting service areas including petrol stations, parking places and other facilities

  • Manage parking

  • Inspecting lamp posts

  • Civil inspections such as structural characteristics, slopes, drainage and ditches and more

  • Inspect path blockers due to rain/flood damage

  • Perform safety and risk inspections

  • Inspect pedestrian crossings

  • Perform limitless inspections thanks to the Kizeo Forms application!

Furthermore, you can benefit from the offline feature of Kizeo Forms! Fill in your forms even without an internet connections, your data is automatically uploaded once you are back in a connected area. The data can easily be integrated to your CRM. Increase efficiency in your road inspections by using the Kizeo Forms application.

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