09 Apr, 2019

Features to look for in a Mobile Form Application

What is a Mobile Form?

A Digital Form is an electronic version of the paper document. It has several of the same features as that of a paper form accompanied by other digital enhancements. You can fill out your digital form from a device and store data on the servers.

What do the best mobile form apps provide?

Mobile Forms like the Kizeo Forms application is packed with several smart features to help you automate your activities.

Features available on a mobile form

Some of the interesting features provided are:

Offline mode

You can use the Kizeo Forms application in the remotest areas and still be able to record information thanks to the offline mode feature. The data is saved and automatically transferred once you are back in a connected area.

NFC Tag scan

Easily record information on your NFC Tags, scan them and view the data stored on them thanks to the lists and reference fields. 

Barcode Scanning

This is the perfect option to manage your inventory. Scan your barcodes and store the data stored for the barcode on your lists and display them on your form upon scanning using the reference element. 

Digital Signatures

Attach invoices as reports and send them to your customers immediately after the completion of the service via email.

Personalized reports & emails

Attach customized reports to your forms in various formats and send them via email to multiple recipients. Use visibility conditions to send the right report to the right person.

Mandatory fields

Ensure you do not miss out important information while filling out your form by marking them as mandatory (starred fields).

Pre-filled forms

Easily send pre-filled forms to field employees to save time.

Easy data storage and analysis

Ensure all your data is stored in one place. Easily analyze Key Performance Indicatorsrepresent data graphically and make business decisions.

List imports

Import your database in the form of lists and use them while filling out your forms or create new lists of various types (simple lists, hierarchical lists, referential lists, etc

Library of form templates

Use templates available on the library and modify them to meet your needs. create your own library of templates and share with your team! 

Easy Integration

Use the Simple API available to integrate with multiple platforms.

Change visibility for each user

Manage hierarchy in the organization by using the visibility and access conditions. Make data available to the right employee. 

The above elements just provides a small glimpse of some of the features provided by Kizeo Forms. discover several other functionalities such as slider elements, checklists, geolocation, etc. It is the perfect low cost high quality app and can serve as a stepping stone to your digitalization projects.

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