12 Jun, 2019

Four good reasons to use digital intervention forms!

Intervention reports: A frequently untapped source of information!

Intervention forms are essential documents for working on the move. They act as proof of the work done, as a synthesis of observations or as a checklist. In other words, it is a tool that makes information accessible to all stakeholders in a project. The intervention reports are a valuable source of data for analysing your technical performance. It is precisely for these reasons that the opportunities offered by the digitalization of various processes. It is now possible to significantly increase your productivity by digitizing and exploiting the intervention forms to the maximum. A solution such as Kizeo Forms allows you to easily dematerialize them and add to them: geolocation, photographs and add data entry validation conditions and many other automation options.



The digital intervention form:

1- Facilitates communication between the company's partners, customers and prospects

A successful intervention requires an adapted organization and efficient communication. To be sure that an intervention is going well, it is essential to provide technicians with a series of information in accordance with the mission or missions to be carried out (name, place of intervention, mission to be carried out, etc.). This is a necessary but time-consuming task that could be simplified and automated by means of an intervention form, which is digital, pre-filled and duplicable. Electronic intervention reports open up a whole range of possibilities for you. Include many additional features in your documents that do not exist with paper.  You will then be able to:

  • Standardize your data entries.
  • Add photos, geolocation, barcode scanners.
  • Attach the appropriate documents to the forms.
  • Create satisfaction surveys.
  • You can send the report, quotation or invoices directly after your intervention.

2-Contributes to improving your field knowledge

Electronic site visit reports allow you to collect, analyze and store key information about your interventions. This history is a source of strategic information for your company. If you are still using paper intervention forms, it will be almost impossible for you to answer these questions instantly:

  • What is the success rate of your interventions?
  • What is the average duration of customer appointments?
  • What is the volume of interventions carried out by the type of work?
  • What is the average travel time per intervention?
  • How satisfied are your customers?

Whereas with an application such as Kizeo Forms it will be possible for you to easily analyze all your interventions and keep their history. The latter is an essential source of information and the basis for a competitive advantage. By improving your "customer knowledge", you will be able to offer additional services and new products tailored to your customers' needs.

3-Enhances your brand image by being more environmentally responsible

The digitalization of the intervention management offers you the opportunity to eliminate paper reports from your company. By discontinuing this medium from your activities, you will not only achieve considerable savings but also meet your customers' environmental expectations. By promoting your ecological responsibility, with a "paperless policy" you will have new tools to showcase when you seek to do business with new customers.

4- Generates more revenue for your company

By using the Kizeo Forms application, you will be able to significantly improve the productivity of your technicians. There are several reasons for this statement:

  • Real-time work: On the field, you can enter your observations directly from your smartphone and omit the intermediate steps. Say goodbye to duplicate entries
  • Standardization: Avoid input errors by standardizing your team's note-taking.
  • Simplified work process: Important documents can be automatically transferred to your service providers, suppliers and managers.
  • Control of results: Before sending the results to the clients, the manager can validate the digital intervention sheets

The digitisation of your intervention forms will free up additional time for your technicians. This time will allow you, for example, to carry out one or more additional interventions per day while improving the working conditions of your employees.

Give your technicians the right tools to focus on their core business. 

"Today, with Kizeo Forms, we handle the administration aspects (holiday requests, schedule exceptions, staff requests), the construction site aspects (staff reception, customer appreciation, safety minutes, quotes) and the monitoring aspects (internal equipment inspection). Kizeo Forms combines efficiency and simplicity. We have thus deployed "Mobility" in our teams. With Kizeo Forms, nothing is impossible."
Guillaume CALVET, Cegelec Picardie Industrie - Vinci Energies

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